Monday, June 4, 2012

things i'm thankful for today i // june fourth

This year, I've been writing in a 'thankful' diary. Each day, when I go to bed, I get out my diary and write five things I'm thankful for that day. I got the idea from a youth leader from America who came down and led the youth from the conference we attended in January. Tina said that she did it for a year, writing down five things every day and it made her so much more thankful and aware of all the good things she had. I was inspired by the idea and decided to try it this year, 2012. It's been absolutely great, a little challenging at times. But I always manage to get five things down for every day of this year.
And I've been thinking that every so often, it would be nice to post about things I am thankful for on that day, sharing with you photos and pictures if I choose to. So without further ado.

piano practice // buttery popcorn // books // watching little house on the prairie tv series // emails and emailing // working out my costume for an upcoming masquerade party // apple cake and yogurt (seriously, you should try it! amazing!) // precious photos // earning money // eighty-seven followers!!! // a friend like briahna // central heating for the cold weather // laughing moments with sisters //

What are some things you're thankful for today?



  1. What a great idea! I think I might try this. :)

  2. that's such an awesome idea holly!!! must be why you are always SO happy and beautiful to be around!! aww thanks!!! i'm thankful to have a friend like you!!!! i love you like a sister!!!!

    love bri xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox <3

    1. oh thanks Ahnie!!! you just made my you like a sister too : )

  3. Such a good idea, I've been learning to be more thankful too. Apple cake and yogurt sounds yummy.

    I'm thankful for .. the computer I'm typing on, fresh greens from the garden, my two brothers sitting next to me, and sugar free mint gum. ;)

  4. I have been doing some thing a bit like this, and this seems like a really cool idea, too. I might try it next year.
    Love, Annie-Jo xo

  5. Anonymous08 June, 2012

    what a great post, thanks for actually making me stop and think about things I'm thankful for today (haven't done it yet...) well i guess i can say i'm thankful for my current job, for rainy days, and God's unfailing love :) loved your blog, dear!


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