Saturday, June 9, 2012

is it possible to get any more excited than excitingly excitedly excited?!

So there's this masquerade party I'm going to. Tonight. For my friend Courtney's (you remember her and the concert she did) sixteenth birthday. And as you might imagine, I'm just a leetle bit excited!!!!
In the last week, I've been worrying what costume I was going to wear and I had come to the conclusion that I would just have to wear my formal/bridesmaid dress and a pretty modern mask.
BUT, my friends Bria and Jess both have beautiful seventeenth century/renaissance dresses that their mother made for them, and I tried on Bria's blue gown (Courtney is wearing Jessica's) and it fit perfectly, so they're letting me wear it to the party!! I couldn't be more thrilled and it is an amazing feeling when you're dressed up like that. I might even be wearing a little hoop under it to make it bigger!! Both Bria and Jess are both wearing new dresses that their mum has just finished making and all together, we're going to look like fine young ladies from the seventeenth century! (or something like that...i'm not very good with clothes and what time period they came from!)'
And I found a Venetian mask to go with my dress yesterday... so I'm pretty happy!
 There will be lots of photos taken that I'll show you all in the next couple of days, so stay tuned for that!

Holly xxxx
p.s. this is my two hundredth post!!


  1. Replies
    1. oh, i so wish you could too! such a shame you had things on... :(

  2. That's such a pretty dress!
    I loive old-fashioned clothes!

    Congratulations on your 200th post!

  3. Jemimah :-)09 June, 2012

    Oooh, please post photos of the party! And with that dress and mask you'll look absolutely STUNNING!!!!! Put a beautiful dress on a beautiful girl and you have a scrumptiously dressed elegant young lady. (And my blog is coming soon, I promise you!)

    1. I definitely will! Thanks...I can't wait to be all dressed up and look nice! : )
      Oooh, can't wait until your blog is up and running. Be sure to send me the link!

    2. Jemimah :-)11 June, 2012

      It's actually going to be a private one, but I have a list of bloggers whom have agreed to me sending them an invite, and I think you might be one of them. If not, then I am happy to send you one even so, if you'd like one. I just can't remember if I already asked you or not. I think I may have.

  4. Cool! I love parties like that!
    You'll have lots of fun!

  5. You'll look so nice in that dress! At the end of this month, our family is going to a regency winter dance for the very first time, which will be heaps of fun! I'm currently learning how to sew, and a lovely lady is helping to make my own 'Jane Austen' dress to wear. Have fun!

  6. oh that's brilliant! have fun :)

  7. I love your dress! It is SO something I would wear. And you WILL look sublime in it. Please! - post photos as soon as you can!
    Love Annie-Jo


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