Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm a Blogger (a Guest Post by Natalia)

I guess it's apparent that I'm a blogger.  I type, I photograph, I think and share my thoughts on a URL.

I've always tried to be a good blogger. I've found some great tips from people, and I thought I'd share some of them with you, to be the best blogger possible, and as most of you girls (or boys) out there with blogs know, a good blog leads to some good followers!

The first thing.
One thing I've always tried to keep in mind when I blog is, "what's my goal?" 
Some blogs are strictly full of photographs from other websites to inspire others.
Other blogs are full of recipes or book reviews to help others out.

Some blogs are to journal, to see the author's progress as they pursue a new hobby, or maybe just a place to post whatever pops into their head.

So when you start a blog, and even after that, keep that goal in mind.

A good design.
Ah, a good design. When visiting new blogs, one thing I'm always drawn to is clean backgrounds with solid colors, like Miss Holly here has. And while there are some cute blog buttons that you know would look great on your sidebar, try to think if it's really necessary, because before you know it, your sidebar is very cluttered!

Try to have your own blog button linking back to your blog, because some people that really love your blog will take the button, and it will help spread the word!

Also, if you have music on your blog, I advise you to switch it to only being played when others play it.

Try to get on a schedule with your posting, if possible. I know it's tough, but for me, I try to blog about three or four times a week. The posts can be any length, any sort of post, but if you post three days in a row, and then your followers don't hear -- er, read -- anything for another two weeks, it can be very awkward.

Everyone loves a good blog hop.
For me, I like to find blogs just by going to a blog I really like, looking through their followers, and clicking on links! It's lots of fun, and you meet lots of new people.  

I also love linking up to  things like Awkward and Awesome Thursday, Wednesday Wishes, and any fun photo challenges going on!

Comment when you get a chance! Don't be overly annoying, but if you leave a good and structured comment, chances are both the author of the blog and her/his readers will want to see who this person is!

Also, while following blogs can get you followers, don't follow a blog if you don't like it! It can lead to lots of awkwardness if they don't follow back, and then you're stuck reading your blog or having to un-follow.

Be a hostess.
Try having giveaways, link-ups and photo challenges! Make sure you come with a confident approach, and if not many people participate, it's not the end of the world.
Giveaways don't have to cost you anything if you contact some Etsy shops asking them to sponsor.
But don't be annoying, and make sure your giveaway will benefit the sponsor more then you, okay? :)

Write with proper grammar, please.
I really don't like reading blogs where all their posts are along the lines of, "so yeah, ill get a real post soon lol, im just sittin here trying to think of wat to say". Make sure you post things others will be comfortable reading.

Step out of your comfort zone.
Now and then, it's nice to switch up the things you usually post about, and to post about something else. This makes it so that the readers won't be bored!

Make your posts interesting.
Spice up your posts with different fonts, colors, and photos! 

Your photos don't have to be professional or anything... even blurry photos help break up longer posts.

Make sure you post details that YOU find interesting. If even you get bored reading it, chances are followers aren't going to care.

Hope these help you to be a good blogger!

About the author.

My name's Natalia. I love photography,blogging and writing. I'm a bookworm and slightly a "Grammar Nazi". But really, I'm just a girl who lives for Christ. Without Jesus, I would be so lost.
I'm sarcastic, a girly girl, and addicted to chocolate of any kind.
It's nice to meet you. 
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  1. Great post, Natalia! I really loved the layout of it, and your ideas are wonderful!!


  2. Anonymous14 July, 2011

    Thanks for the tips, Natalia! your an awesome blogger! :)


  3. You're doing a great job, Natalia! I love the tips. I know this is kind of weird that I'm commenting on my blog while away, but I grabbed dad's phone as soon as we got Internet and checked out what's been going on roses and bluebells! Love Holly

  4. Anonymous14 July, 2011

    That was great! Even though I don't blog, I loved the post. And, yeh, I'm a Grammar Freak too! hate it wen pepl dont put in puntuation esp fullstops capitals commas or spel right just like this.

    Cassie xoxoxo

    HI! my name's martina and I come from Italy... I'd like you visit my blog and if you want.... follow me! I wait you and your tips!
    Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
    Glamour Marmalade


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