Thursday, July 14, 2011

W.O.R.K (A guest post by Big Sister)

Work. The word that makes you groan. But can you imagine what life would be like without work?

We would have no houses. We would have no clothes. We would have no running water. We would have no food. In short, we would be dead. But what if we did only the work which was necessary to do in order to survive? What if we never did housework?

The house would be meters deep in stuff. No one would be able to find anything. Mould would be growing on the roof, dust would be thickly coating everything, the windows would be so dirty that you could not tell them from the walls, laundry would be in huge piles everywhere, the bathroom...(okay, lets not go there), and the dishes....oh dear, the dishes! Can you imagine it?! The mess! The smell! Described in one word: Yuk.

So, now you know why we do housework. Of course, I am sure you already knew, because you are all such smart, wonderful house-cleaner-uppers.

But then, work is so....boring! Especially dishes! (Just a little complaint from me there. You see, our dishwasher is broken. So now it takes about an hour for me to wash eight people's breakfast dishes, instead of the good 'ole half an hour it used to take. But there is some good news. Tomorrow we are getting a new dishwasher! Hooray for dishwashers!)

But guess what!?? Work can actually be...(drum roll)...Fun! And if not fun, tolerable. After all, "There is no such thing as work unless you would rather be doing something else." So if you set your mind to the task, you'll find it gets done in no time.

The Bible has a lot to say about work. So much, in fact, that I could not include it all.

Proverbs 12:24:

"Diligent hands will rule,
But laziness ends in forced labor."

How true is that? If we don't work, our Mothers will make us work!

Proverbs 12:27:

"The lazy do not roast any game,
but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt."

Proverbs 18:9

"One who is slack in his work
is brother to one who destroys."

(A little scary!)

Proverbs 13: 4

"A sluggards appetite is never filled,
but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied."

And Jesus would have worked. His father was a carpenter, so that is what Jesus would have apprenticed as. Perhaps when he was younger he helped his mother with the housework.

Have you ever done the fun stuff before your work is finished, then when it is over you look around at the mess and feel just plain yucky? I have. It really is nasty! But oh, how nice rest and recreation is when the work is done! How good one feels! I like it. :)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this post.


Big Sister

"Work keeps at bay three evils; boredom, vice and need."
- Voltaire

(This topic was suggested to me by my mother when I had no ideas)

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  1. Great post! I was thinking of not looking at it when it came up on my dashboard, because it was called WORK. Ha ha!

  2. What an intresting post! And who would think the subject would be called 'W.O.R.K!' I really enjoyed the way you wrote this post! Great Job! I also love the fact that you put all those pictures of your family working through the post (:

  3. Love this post! it's awesome :)
    We don't even have a dishwasher, though my Dad jokes that he has seven of them (aka us)!

  4. great post, kenz! loved it : )
    thanks so much!!

  5. Anonymous26 July, 2011

    Yay for work! Well said! And creative too!


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