Sunday, July 10, 2011

photography... (a guest post by Bri)

the thing with photography is you can't go looking for something to take a picture of, you have to see it first! something has to catch your eye... i always would go looking around the house when i was little trying to find some cool stuff to take a snap of, although i never found anything that would please me. so now i've realised that YOU can't try to find it... it  has to find you!

when i took these ones i was with a friend down at a little spot with puddles all around and just saw things to take a snap of!

isn't the sun just lovely shining through!?

reeds+ muddy water = a really cool pic!

i'm posting more about what i did with my friend, more photo's and there's even a giveaway you can enter over HERE! (at my blog)

thanks, and i hoped you enjoyed my post!


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  1. I love the photography Bri!!! (: Good job on posting onRoses and Bluebells!


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