Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 21 & 22

I'm sorry I keep getting behind! It's hard with school and so much going on : (

A physical feature you love...

Well, I know I don't really like having big feet or hands! I like being tall, but one feature I really love is...

sorry that it looks a bit weird covering up some of the sidebar gadgets! I can't really do anything about it : (

I really love it! I can put it up in many ways, or leave down with heaps of different accessories! The choices are endless!

And what about you?

A favourite website...

Hmmm, apart from my own blog, {wink} I really love Picnick and Cath Kidston. And also some favourite blogs would definitely have to be Pastor's Girl's Ponderings, Katie's Korner and Heaven in My Heart!

What are some of your favourite websites?


p.s. Crista Moriah from Uniquely Fashioned for His Glory is trying to get to 150 followers by the end of today! Could you please help her out : )

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  1. a physical feature I love is eyes. They can be dark brown (like mine) or pretty blue, or elegant green.


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