Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 20

A hobby of yours...

And yet again, I have many hobbies as most of you know!

I love dancing...

And singing...

Can I just say that this photo is from 2007! Yes I don't seem to have any reasont photos of me singing! If you're having trouble working out where I am, I'm the second from the left in the back row : )


Another old photo from 2008. My homeschooling co-op put on a play and it was fun! (learn more here)


Although, I may have lost my interest! I'm not sure. Maybe I can't be bothered to get all the stuff out, but once they're there, I get right into it!

And being with friends...

(that was in 2008!)

And your hobbies are?


  1. HORSERIDING! and hanging out with friends ( :

  2. i love singing too! :)

  3. Dancing, acting, hanging with friends, card-making, cooking... (Holly, you forgot to put cooking!)

    Cassie xoxoxo


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