Friday, May 31, 2013

An Ode to Sophie

A girly girl, fond of dresses, dolls and pink.
And yet she rough and tumbles with her brothers.
Hands sticky with glue and glitter, her masterpieces decorate the house.
Enjoys kindy immensely.
Soft brown hair, olive skin, not too short, not too tall.
My four year old. Those dark chocolate pools,
Gazing into mine, a mischievous look I can’t resist.
Slightly skinny, she’ll pick at her dinner.
An affectionate one, her family is her treasure.
Extremely lovable.
You’ll only ever glimpse her in skirts, sandals and pony tails.
She’ll play princesses with a friend one minute, the next,
Jumping on the trampoline in her underwear,
Sprayed with the cold water from the hose.
She’ll shudder when eggs and broccoli are mentioned,
And sometimes scared of dogs.
She hates to see anyone hurt, and screams like it’s the end of the world when it’s her.
The youngest in a family of eight,
Often demands, can be quite rude.
My little sister,
A twirling first year ballet dancer,
Little person with a big personality,
The loudest in the house with the sweetest smile
Is Sophie.


Just a poetic piece I wrote. I think it was necessary, so that I can always remember my beautiful four year old....
Let the memories never fade.
xo, h

p.s. yep, I was too lazy to get out the camera, so ipod had to suffice for a photo of m'baby and I! also, we leave you with this...

^because we're just that awesome ^


  1. MMmmm...that poem was delicious. I could have eaten it! Love you and that little girl. xx

  2. Oh my goodness this is so beautiful Holly, your poem is so sweet!

  3. This is very sweet. Sisters are very good inventions.
    Beth xxx

  4. Anonymous03 June, 2013

    hehehe love that little princess! I loved hanging out with her that time we stayed at your house for the boys film! When everyone went out for a jog me and Sophie played this game in my bed that if any trucks came by we would have to hide under the blankets! She was such a cutie!! Miss her lots! :D

    1. Oh really? I never knew you did that with incredibly sweet and special! You're sweet and special :)

  5. Oh - so lovely Holly :) Sophie is so darling - and that poem you wrote?!! Beautiful. <3

  6. how sweet! sisters are the greatest, I know. I am blessed with two of them! <3 I love your 'ode.' :)

    xx lucia

    p.s. (thank you for the sweet words you leave on my blog so often, Holly! they are treasured!)

    1. You make me smile...thank you so much! It's a pleasure to comment on your blog, I love every single post :)

  7. Sisters are the best......I have 4! Love the poem so sweet of u to great such a beautiful memory for u and ur sister! Thanks holly xo


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