Sunday, June 16, 2013

to brisbane we went

Last weekend was one of the best weekends I've had in a long while. My beautiful friend Annie had turned fifteen a couple weeks beforehand, but my sisters, Eebee and I were only able to come down after. But it still proved to be an enjoyable, close time together, catching up and celebrating our dear friend's birthday.

On  early Saturday morning we got coffees and walked along the Brisbane river.
Love her so much.
Aren't Ella and Annie so cute together?!
I almost stole these.
A most beautiful young lady who happens to be fifteen years old and awesome.
It was such a lovely morning, finishing with catching the train home which is always an adventure believe me! That afternoon we had a high tea in the garden with a few other friends which was so lovely (lots more about that + photos in next post). On Sunday morning, we ate a quick breakfast, then went to a delightful restaurant called French Twist for more coffee (we love it!) before church in town.

Isn't the place gorgeous? I was in heaven!
Sorry, iphotos...almost as good as the camera and a lot easier :)
 I felt like I was almost in Paris!
Eebee and I got to wear our awesome trench coats in the city while it was raining... exactly what we had hoped to do.

That afternoon Ginny decided to be creative and braided Annie's and my hair (which happen to be exactly the same colour) together!
A simple plait.
And a full on braid which looked amazing. It was so fun...we had our heads stuck together for half an hour :)
And that was my weekend, spent with some of my most favourite people.


  1. Thank you. This is beautiful. xx

  2. Coolies!! I love the braided hair!! That is just too cool. xx

    1. I is just too cool isn't it??!!

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted someone to do a braid in me, and a friends hair together!!!! :D Those photos look so AWESOME! And you could never tell who's hair was whos! :P So cool! ^_^
    Trench coats are my favourite! Don't you love rain?! ^_^
    So many happy faces, and so much fun! :D

  4. Oh, there are some gorgeous photos! Great post, sister mine :)

  5. Mmm. Delicious post, Holly.

  6. such a wonderful selection of photos, they tell a lovely lovely story

  7. Just found your blog today, but.....Wow, I had never even thought to do a braid like that! Was it hard to be stuck together, and did you have to stay really still? I totally want to try this now...LOL

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alexis...well, we didn't find it hard to be stuck together, and I don't recall having to stay particularly still. It was pretty easy, she just got our hair and braided it :)


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