Tuesday, May 21, 2013

let the sky fall

Shirt from Kmart and jeans + boots from Target.

Had a little shoot with my sister in a new winter outfit (have I told you how incredibly cold it's been getting?!) that's becoming a definite favourite of mine.
I haven't been as busy the past week or so, school isn't too heavy. I would really like to thank you guys for the lovely comments I received on the last post, it does really mean a lot.
I've had quite a few rehearsals for upcoming performances, enjoyed seeing a dear friend baptised (in a creek...so awesome!), a wonderful sleep-over with this chic (and yes, we did go on another adventure and watched Les Mis), winter clothes shopping with Mum, finished level 2 German (well, except for the exam...eek!), no more classes 'till September (!), booked tickets to go and see Taylor Swift Red concert in Brisbane for Christmas (ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!), earned money cleaning church and planned a girly, splendid weekend with the girls!

Hope you're all fine friends, how's your week been?

Love you all, have a cup of coffee, Adele's awesome, play the piano, and book yourself a ticket for Red and we'll go together!

Holly Faith xo


  1. Ahh Holly, why do you have to be so adorable?! I love you so much :).

    Annie xxx

  2. Lovely photos with a lovely model! :) Your past week sounds very full and exciting. Yes it is getting colder! :)

    1. Also Les Miserables is amazing, isn't it?!! It is truly wonderful! :D

  3. Lovely post Holly - you are just beautiful :)

  4. Cute outfit! Sounds like you've been busy. My week's been going quite well!

  5. You look fantastically beautiful! ^_^ <3

  6. Awesome to hear from you again Holly. Can't wait to see you at MYC!!!

    Cassie xoxoxo

  7. Your are sooo pretty!!! I Love that outfit, the top really, really suits you! I'll admit I was a little envious of it last Thursday ; )

  8. Oh......Holly you are gorgeous! Love the new outfit.....must admit I've got a few new ones I love! Love hearing what you get up to and love seeing the beautiful photos! Love ya

  9. Anonymous23 May, 2013

    You are so pretty

  10. Holly those photos are beautiful and I love your outfit! You're such a stunner :)


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