Tuesday, February 12, 2013

good old fashioned fun

I'm pretty sure my sisters and I and our friends will never tire of having dress-up/old fashioned parties. We just adore them so much. And it's always a perfect time for taking photos and making memories with special people in our lives and I like to blog the photos!
My sweet friend Elsie had her fourteenth birthday party on the weekend. The theme was to dress old fashioned and all the people who came looked sensational in many different costumes from different time periods. We all had a beautiful time and I'm sure Elsie felt blessed with so many friends to celebrate her birthday with.

My two sisters and I. We had so much fun dressing up!
I borrowed Bria's gorgeous late eighteenth century dress again, it was so much fun to wear, though rather hot and heavy in the heat.
The beautiful afternoon tea in their garden.
Birthday girl and I...love her!
 Little cute Holly looked so sweet in her little house on the prairie outfit!
 Close friends Kenzie and Lauren kept the party filled with jokes and laughter.
The whole group of us. I love the different coloured costumes and periods they're from in history.
Playing croquet and a ball game.
The black forest birthday cake made by Mrs Caudell was delicious!
And it finally ended with some dancing on the veranda after pizza and Ever After.

 It was a good old fashioned party.
Thanks Elsie for the awesome time, we all love you so much! :)



  1. It looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!
    I've never been to a party like that! I love your costume. I liked all the costumes! :)

  2. Oh, Holly you look absolutely stunning! The party looks like it was a lot of fun, I wish we could have made it. Lovely photos, you all looked just splendid :).

  3. I'm finally logged into Blogger again. Can't wait to catch up on your life! It looks like such a fun party... the parties in Australia look like such a great time!

    1. Yay! I've missed you...looking forward to seeing more of your posts about your life too, love you! <3

  4. You all look gorgeous! Looks like a great time!
    Beth xxx

  5. Wow You have such amazing outfits! Looks like you had great fun. I would love to something like this one day! :)

  6. You all look BEAUTIFUL! ^_^ Such fun! :D

  7. this looks like a super fun idea. glad you all had fun :)

  8. cool! looks like you had fun ;)

  9. Oh that looks like so much fun! Your dresses are beautiful!
    -mal :)


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