Friday, February 22, 2013

after rain comes sunshine

It was a bright and sunny day today, but throughout doing school work, reading obsessively (hello L.O.T.R!!) and just living, I felt more in a rainy day sort of mood. It didn't feel right and I kept wondering where was my energy and usual vigor.

Around three o'clock this afternoon it rained. The weather had predicted rain this morning, at lunch time and I was beginning to think it wasn't going to rain at all today, when the heavens opened and poured. In seconds my quiet room went from quiet, to anything but quiet, the rain was pounding on the roof, it was deafening. After about seven minutes, it subsided and I quickly dashed outside with the camera. I love nature just after it has been raining.
I wasn't disappointed.

And then, when I had just finished taking it all in, fully, the bright sun came out and it was like the rain and grey clouds had never come.

But it made me happy, I generally prefer sunny weather to grey and rainy. And I felt much better afterwards.

I'm off to my friend's 25th birthday party now.
Hope you all had a fantastic week, love you all, have a nice weekend and read a good book!

xoxo, h


  1. Will do! That is the reading the book thing, I also am obsessed with L.O.T.R!

    Love you too : D Have a great party!

  2. You are such a natural photographer! Thanks for sharing these pics with us :)


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