Monday, March 4, 2013

jamaica blue adventure

As well as being one of my dearest friends, Lauren is my adventure buddy.
We do all sorts of crazy things together, like doing the most ridiculous and wacky photo shoots, making up crazy dances to Taylor Swift, randomly skipping with linked arms in the middle of a street, planning the silliest weddings (Lauren's having a Narnia wedding, people. the minister's going to have a lion outfit and everything.) and madly running at trampolines to push them over. For some reason, when we're together we go very silly and our weirdest and craziest sides come out.
On Saturday, we decided to have a new adventure together. It was completely my idea and I've got to say I'm not sure what possessed me to do it, we were pretty crazy.
We wanted to go to Jamaica Blue Cafe for a coffee and a catch up while my family was out and her parents in town somewhere. We planned to walk there, it was only a ten minute stroll from my place.
Unfortunately, it was pouring out side. And the wind was so incredibly strong, spraying rain in every direction. But did that stop us from going? Nope.
So, we walked up with two flimsy little umbrellas and wearing thin cardigans (we almost froze.) and arrived at the warm Cafe wet, shivering and ready for a rest.

And being the smart girls we are, we didn't order coffee in this cold weather, but ice cold drinks that made us feel so much better.
Actually, they tasted delicious.

We talked for ages about the most hilarious, interesting and random things. We studied other people there and tried to be solemn young ladies who go to coffe shops regularly, but as usual we failed and ended up giggling over our efforts.
And then we got bored and started writing all over our napkins (which we won't actually given by our most loverly waitress, but Lauren had asked for from the counter when she spilt her drink...yep.).
Um yeah.
The poor waitress. I think she must have freaked out when she picked them up and read them...if she read them that is!
By the time we were ready to walk home, the weather had picked up immensely and the wind was literally blowing us off the path and onto the road. Luckily we didn't get hurt by a passing car. But this time we really did get soaked. A lady in a car even drove up to us and offered to give us a lift home, the weather was that bad. We were sorely tempted to give in, but figured it probably wasn't great to hop into a car with a stranger, so we politely declined saying my house was just down the road (which it wasn't).
But we finally did make it back and the rain died down. Poor Lauren had a really bad umbrella and was wet through.
Yes, it was a great afternoon. We even pretended to be Frodo and Sam, going through miserable rain and rough winds and trying to reach out destination without getting caught by the Black Riders a.k.a. cars! I, of course made sure I had the ring on, to make things difficult, not that it did. I'm afraid it's an ordinary ring from Equip, nothing special unfortunately.
Lots of fun.

And that was one adventure that I won't forget, thanks to the weather, Jamaica Blue Cafe and especially adventure buddy/Sam/Lauren. We make a great team! :P

Holly xoxo


  1. What a beautiful day, you girls are so beautiful!

  2. These are such great pictures! I liked this post very much.

  3. AW, WHAT A CUTE POSTIE WOSTIE! :D ♥ Umbrellas + Rain + Photos + Craziness + Cafes = some of my most favouritest things! ^.^
    You really know how to have fun! ;)
    P.S. The first photo of you... STUNNING! :O

  4. You are both so lovely! I really want to meet you both now...

  5. HAHAHA!!! The napkins! That's so hilarious! xD And hey, wild weather makes me feel LOTR-ish too! :P

  6. Love that you have an adventure buddy! They're the best.

  7. this is gorgeous! You guys are too cute.
    Bethh xxx

  8. so cute! you really know how to have a good time :)
    Your blog and pics always make me smile xo


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