Saturday, October 20, 2012

and a very happy birthday to you + v. ii


Mummy had a birthday, and a fortieth birthday at that. And we went to the Chocolate Cottage to celebrate together. It was a good day...I think Mum enjoyed it and that's what matters most.

Also, cutester turned four!

She was very proud of her new dress and birthday cake. (that i it?!)
And of course, I edited and uploaded part two of my vlog for you girls.
It took ages, I edited most of it, then accidentally lost it all, had to restart, do it again, upload it onto youtube (which can i say was an hour and a half wait!) and finally put it onto this post.
You should love me.
Enjoy! (if you haven't watched part one, then you should probably watch that now...if you're brave enough that is, or have enough time!)
Again, please ignore my random weirdness and especially the long pauses where I'm trying to think of an answer and just staring into the distance. Try not to mind it, sometimes I can't believe how awkward I can be. :P
Holly xoxo


  1. Love you so much Holly!

    I also love the music, I believe it is the 2005 version, a.k.a the best ; P

    Did you mean to leave the rest of Eloises questions out? I would have been interested it hearing them.

    Yesss, I'd LOVEE to hear more : D


    1. Yes, the music is from the 2005 one, BUT certainly not the best one, missy!
      Well, I think Eloise's questions won't in the vlog, because it's still coming up in part three, you know, because it's so long...:P
      Awesome, cause there's going to be more, but I'm going to remember to turn the music in the background down, it's too loud I think! Oops!
      ♥ you

  2. Oh, you girls, not that debate again!
    Yes, I'm hang'n out for part three!
    (Yes, the music was a bit to loud, but it wan't too bad.)

    Cassie xoxoxo

  3. Don't go into that conversation again girls! No, nooo!
    Your Mum's and your sister's birthday looked lovely. Good job on Sophie's cake! It
    looks great.
    Still haven't got to my questions yet! I am wondering what the answers will be like! :D
    See you tomorrow

  4. if you don't mind me asking, how many pageviews do you have on your blog??

  5. Very good pictures! Happy birthday to your mom and sister!!!


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