Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Play in a Day

Lauren organised a play in a day to do with friends. And it was Little Women, which has got to be a classic with every one involved. So us co-op girls met at her house at 9 am on Saturday morning to rehearse, organise and perform a play for our families and friends that evening.
It was a good day.

Reading through the script and blocking in the lounge room.

Walking to the hall (which had the stage) to set up and do  a dress rehearsal.

Hey Briony!

Laura and her hoop skirt...!

And then Dad was able to take photos of us performing the play that evening. Eebee was Marmee, India, Lauren, Briony and I were the March sisters.

It was extremely fun to play being the March girls.

I being Beth, I had to play some carols on the piano. It was a little keyboard that I accidentally messed up...Oh well, it was fun to get into the spirit.

from left to right: Lauren, India, Elsie, Eebee, Briahna, Briony, Ebony, Eloise, Jordan, Laura and I.

India (Meg), Eebee (Marmee) and I.

Us three sisters after the play.

Jordan and Laura in their big hoop skirts!

Chilling together after the play.

Thanks my dear Lauren for organsing an awesome day...you are truly amazing to direct a play in a day with us! : )



  1. Looks like so much fun. You go girls! Well done!

    Annie xx

  2. Waky do! Sounds like so much fun! If I could have been in it... oh well :)

    Cassie xoxoxo

  3. It was a fun day! Awesome pictures! Hey, I kinda did look like I had cut my hair!!

  4. It was lots of fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I think we all did a pretty classy job, hey?! :D
    Hey did anyone record it? I would so love to see the actual performance! I'm really glad we have photos of it, just to remember the memories and fun we had on the day! Three cheers for Lauren!
    See ya tomorrow... :)

    1. Definitely. Dad filmed it and I think he's editing it and possibly giving out copies...? I'll let you know :0
      See you tomorrow!

    2. Awesome! I think Elsie's Dad filmed as well! :)

  5. Yes it was awesome!!! Even though I did have to play a male role...haha Had heaps of fun with everyone and Lauren did such a fabulous job! Three cheers to lauren! ;)

    Love the pics and can't wait to see the recording! :D



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