Monday, September 3, 2012


The bluest of skies, dotted with birds flying to their nests, trees shedding the last of their leaves and even more trees budding beautiful spring flowers, my familiar bedroom in which to lie in after being away for the weekend, all neat and crisp, a slightly messy house, then a clean unpacked house at the end of the day and chapter thirty-nine of Emma open in front of me as I read after lunch.

Porridge with honey and sweet stewed apple on top, steaming green tea mixed with the smallest amount of sugar, hot, leftover crumbly fish from the previous night, spicy cold pastrami with a salad mix, Jarlsberg cheese, roasted chicken and vegetables and thick gravy mixed with peas.

The slow whispers of the trees outside, the steady rumbling of the cars just outside the house, the sound of electric beaters in the kitchen where the kids are cooking, Sophie sitting on my  knee and telling me all about her daily activities, the quiet stillness of a big auditorium as youth has quiet time, the clinking of plates and splashing of water coming from the kitchen as the dishes are being washed up and the gentle talking and laughing of siblings and parents conversing after a long day.

The fertilized garden next door as I hang out washing (not exactly pleasant!), the sweet clean smell of freshly washed clothes, chocolate fudge baking in the oven, then being cut on the bench, all hot and chocolatey, then cold and rich. The tantalising smell of a roast dinner wafting through the big kitchen at church and increasing as it's placed in front of me on a big plate.

The beautiful black and white piano keys beneath my fingers as I play Liz On Top of the World, the feeling of the shutter on the camera as I snap photos of Eloise in the back garden, warm sunshine on my back, then crisp, cold bursts of wind in the evening that hurry me inside, the pen in my hand as I write down thoughts in quiet time and the warm comforting hugs from Briahna that make everything seem right in the world.

I'm cleaning my room, going through all the photos that I've taken today outside in the glorious sun, reminiscing memories from the co-op camp on the weekend, catching up with good people who love emails and skype messages from me, reading the Bible each morning, practising hard on the piano (My Father's Favourite is shaping up!), singing my choir songs for the upcoming concerts this Saturday and looking forward with anticipation to my birthday in two days. Thank you spring for coming, I'm just soaking you up!


p.s. original idea from dear hannah!


  1. Lovely post Holly! So, your birthday is in two days huh? Are you going to bring a cake to co-op?

    1. It's actually my 'pretend' birthday on Wednesday! We had to move it three days earlier because Dad's away and I'm actually going to be away all day on my real birthday on Saturday. We're having a birthday cake tomorrow on Wednseday, so no, I won't be bringing a cake to co-op! :)

  2. wow!! this post was amazing!!! nawww!! i love your hugs too! :) you are an awesome friend!!

    your photography is amazing holly!!! and i would totally pay for that flower pic! and eloise looks super gorgeous as always! ;)


    1. oh thanks bri bri <3 nice of you to value my photography so high! yes, eloise was looking particularly fine that afternoon... :)

  3. I love all these photos - especially the ones of Ella! You have a real knack for portraits Holly. :)


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