Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the first signs...

I went outside to hang out the washing and there I saw it. The tree that has been bare for the last six months, the tree which always looked so lonely and empty in the back yard. Blooming.
The first tree to get flowers in our yard. I simply stopped and stared at it for two minutes. It was so new, so beautiful and real. Flowers on a August! I was ecstatic.
It just goes to show, that the year is rapidly moving along. It's the first signs of my favourite season. The season my birthday is in. The season that always makes me so happy. The season that is full of flowers, newborn animals and beautiful weather.

Spring is on it's way, hallelujah!



  1. I love magnolia trees. They are very pretty.

  2. WOW!!!! These photos are like amazing!!! You have such a talent!!!!! But the first one just takes my breath away! Love love love it!!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Holly!!

  4. Lovely pictures! I am so pumped for Spring.
    Bethy xxx


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