Monday, August 13, 2012

life as of late

Has consisted of...

-Lots of love. Especially with friends. - Making a 'friends' collage in my bedroom. - Enjoying my cleaner, prettier room, especially my awesome brolly which I never fail to show off to new visitors.
- Capturing the first bits of spring nature. - Getting free pieces of jewelry from my youth leader and adding them to my collection. - HEARTS! I love hearts. Aside from the fact that I have seen them all over the place and hearts are now my lucky symbol (oh yes!), they make me feel really happy and I like capturing things that make me happy. - Bush dances!! Yes, I love them. And I've been to two in the last fortnight! I was so excited at seeing my pen-pal and friend after a year and four months at the first one and then I was able to catch up with many Brisbane friends at the second bush dance whom I had not seen in ages which was so good and also it was the best bush dance I've ever been to I think! Unfortunately I forgot to take a camera...whoops!

What has your life been like lately? Please do share :)

Holly xx


  1. Love your friends collage! Great idea =)

    Woah! Two bush dances, hey! Sounds crazy fun. Soo glad you had a great time. ;D oox

  2. That friends collage is really pretty..I love it!
    I should make one like that.
    Bethy xxx

  3. Haha! Don't you just hate it when you forget your camera! ha! I do! Fun times! :)


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