Friday, August 3, 2012

recent shots of moi

A couple of weeks my friend Briony asked if she could practice her photography on me. So after co-op on a Thursday afternoon, I posed while she snapped.

I was really pleased with the photos she took of me. Briony is very professional.

Thank you so much for letting me be a subject for your photography Briony! I love each and every one you took of me and have been wanting some recent photos taken by a good photographer for awhile. You are an amazing photographer and a lovely friend! So inspiring and a beautiful young women. Evey one, go do yourself a favour and stop by at her wonderful life + photography blog. Someday I hope to take photos of people like she does! :)



  1. WOW!!! These are soooo gorgeous!! Briony did a wonderful job! But who couldn't with such an amazing modle!?! :D

  2. You are so very beautiful Holly ( :

    Brioney captured you amazingly, although, I think she didn't 'quite' captured your full personality (hehe, you know what I mean) but it still was a very good effort.

    Love Lauren

  3. Briony did a great job on those photos of you! She really made your smile stand out and your gorgeous eyes! :) We'll have to have a photo shoot together some time! Briony as the photographer and we as the sitters (photography term for 'models')!!

  4. Aww, thank you Holly! You make me sound like a super-star-twenty-something-professional! You were awesome! I had so much fun that day. ☺


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