Tuesday, July 31, 2012

snap! she went

I decided to take some self portraits this afternoon. As you can probably tell, I'm not talented at all in this area. Oh well I guess I'm improving-well not really!

And I didn't even put the worst, craziest photo of me up! (believe me you don't want to see it!)                   
I guess I can't seem to take many good photos of myself. All I feel like doing is being stupid! I suppose this is what you would call the real me. I posted about a similar topic (with photos!) a long while back (any one been around that long?!) and that was when I was young and silly.
Now I'm just old and silly.
Yes...I hope you understand. I can't go around doing amazing posts, looking fantastic and write interesting stuff all the time, now can I?! Sometimes I like to show you what I'm really like. Most of the time. 
But I promise you I won't do it very often...this is like my second time. So you probably won't see a post like this for another almost two years...feeling better? I hope so.
Ok, I'm going to leave now. Next post should probably be a vlog...yes very exciting! If I can improve my vlogging skills. You shall see.
Bye <3



  1. These are way cool!!! :D Man, i just love ALL your posts!!!!!! :D

    And holly you are awesome ALL of the time! ;)

    1. oh thank you briahna!! do you really? that's so nice of you...
      well, i think YOU'RE awesome all the time! :P


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