Wednesday, July 4, 2012

things i'm thankful for today ii // july fourth

So it's my second go. And funnily enough,, I chose to do it today not realising it's exactly one month since I did my first!! Haha, well here we go...

sleeping in a little bit // pride and prejudice BBC series // my friend lauren // fun, crazy photo shoots (more on that later!!) // the precious bible // laughing until you cry // being on holidays // playing on a beautiful piano // helping lick out a fudge saucepan! // babysitting siblings so mum can go out for lunch with a friend // unexpected friends over // hearing from a dear friend // beautiful refreshing walks // wearing a new piece of clothing // movie night tonight with the girls //

What are you thankful for these holidays? Please share below!


  1. Dear Holly. This is such a wonderful idea and I think I might do it as well (if you don't mind!) because I've been looking for ideas for posts on my blog. I love this post and the idea.
    Hope you're having fun on your holidays, too!

  2. Well, I'm thankful for Queensland's seven-in-a-row win last night. (I'm speaking state of origin, I presume you know what I'm talking about?) Pretty cool.


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