Thursday, June 28, 2012

when the rain stopped

It has been raining all week. Briefly this morning, it stopped and I grabbed the chance and got my sister to take some photos of me in my new favourite winter outfit outside.

And then I thought of using my umbrella as a prop, even though it wasn't raining. : )

It was quite fun!

top & belt: Valley Girl // cardigan: Pumpkin Patch // jeans: Jeans West // boots: Big W // necklace: handmade // earrings: Trade Secret //

So that's my outfit. Thoughts on it?

Have a nice week!

Much love,
Holly xo


  1. My favourite would be the third one, the one when your laughing! It's natural, very pretty and simple. I like it! :)

  2. I love your outfit and your umbrella! :):):)

  3. gorgeous outfit holly!! and very clever photography/poses!! :D you inspire me how you come up with these beautiful posts!!! btw i think i can come to church on sunday!!!! and would be ok to come home with you guys after for a little while? just a thought. :)

    love you beautiful!

    bri xD xoxox

    1. thank you :) do i really? wow, i'm glad i do inspire you!
      oh good, it'll be great to see you...i replied to your email :)
      love you more!

  4. Very cute! And I always use umbrella's when it's sunny, probably more than I do when it's raining!

  5. gorgeous outfit! That belt is so nice

  6. Cute outfit.
    I love the freshness after rain.
    Beth xoxo

  7. What a cute outfit! I love the necklace!!!


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