Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've been in a collage-creative-photo-designing sort of mood at the moment. But I just haven't had much time (because of school, extra lessons, school, visits, school, designing my room and school!) to do much photography work. But I found time this afternoon to do some collage work on three subjects.

I first collaged (is that word? yar or nay?) some most recent photos of me (2012) and put them together creatively (hopefully...).

Then I put together a collage of the many photos I've taken of Sophie this year.

And lastly some favourite nature (mostly flowers) photography over this year and the last of mine.

It was quite fun and relaxing.
My advice? If you're feeling stressed and busy, make some photo collages. Guaranteed to help you.

All my love,
Holly xo


  1. these are ah-mazing! i love the picture of you w/ the tiara on!

    1. oh thank you so much kaylee! yes, i love that photo too :)

  2. Making a collage is great fun isn't it? I'll see you @ co-op.

  3. I think pic monkey's collages are so cool, aren't they? Sophie's really cute, just saying. :D

  4. *the many faces of Holly*! Love it!


  5. yay, and I love the collages! The one of you is really nice.

  6. I was so excited seeing this, I told mum 'Holly's got a collage of herself on blogger, and I took 2 of the photos!' My 1 second of fame :D

    I should admit, if you haven't noticed already, I am in a silly mood (Holly groans) and am not making much sense, I should probably stop commenting before I make myself look ridiculous over internet.

    Your (nonsensical) pal,

    1. ha, right lauren. to the insane assylum you go!!!
      no, not really.
      oh i just love you. you're helarious! :)


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