Wednesday, July 18, 2012

of pearl necklaces and things

So my Dad (finally) came back from the Philippines where he has been for two weeks for work. And he brought me back something special...a real pearl necklace!
All three of us girls actually received one each. We were all very pleased.
And then he got this lovely long scarf for me from somewhere in Manila and apparently it's made from these special leaves! Pretty cool : )

Ok, so I haven't been doing a lot of photography or blogging lately, but that's because it's been the first week back at school this second semester along with all the extra curricular lessons and everything else! My choir is performing quite a bit in the next few months so I've also been doing a lot of practising of songs and dances! I've also been thinking about doing a bit of decorating in my room and have decided to assemble a photo collage and a couple other bits and bobs. So I've been pretty busy...I really haven't had much time to look at all of your awesome blogs, but I'm hoping to be able to have a bit more time for that soonish.
Miss you all have a lovely week and I do apologise for taking this post up with photos of pearl necklaces, leafy scarfs and random updates!

Until next time dear Followers,
Holly xoxo

p.s. has any one noticed when they look at my blog that the blog background (down the sides) is sort of turned black with big exclamation marks on it?! because that's all i can see of my blog down the sides...just wondering if any one else can see it.


  1. Gorgeous photos Holly! That necklace is STUNNING! And so is the scarf. Its a lovely colour too.

    Yep, all I can see of some of your things on your sidebar is black boxes with exclamation marks too. Strange how it should do that.

  2. Yes, I can see what you can see! Hm.


  3. Oh, the pearl necklace is beautiful!! I love the colour of that scarf as well! :)
    Yes, I've been noticing on your 'daily reads, sponsors, about me, pages that their all black with exclamation marks on them. It usually means that that thing is deleted.

  4. What it means is that the images have been removed form the location they were when uploaded or the images were deleted {and yes I can see it]

  5. very pretty!! :D i just love it when people come home from a trip or something and bring a gift! :D

    yea i can see it too!! oh dear...:/

    c u tomoz!!! xD

  6. I love pearl necklaces, they're so pretty! :):):)
    I see it also...

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