Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a night to remember

The masquerade party on Saturday night. It was a night to remember. Every one looked great, the masks were amazing and we all had so much fun celebrating Courtney's 16th!

Briahna and I. (she decided to go all out there with a big mad hatter's hat and blond wig!)

My choir friends and I

Best friends India and Imogen.

The birthday girl. She looked sensational.

Courtney and some of her friends from church.

Imogen took me aside half way through the night and took some photos of me with the candles and piano.

Beautiful Bria (who wore an absolutely amazing dress!).

Imogen wore a mask from Venice...looked stunning.

Many people played pool.

And we played a hilarious, big game of pass the parcel, grown up style!!

Then it was dancing time. Bria (who sort of helped run the party!) pulled out a guy's name and girl's name from a hat and had to waltz...girls ended up dancing together (there was only like six guys!) and then every on joined in.

Courtney and her friend Josh dancing.

And to finish off the dancing, Bria and her brother Ben did the perfect waltz that we all enjoyed watching.

Thanks so much for an amazing masquerade party, Courtney! Something I think that all of us will remember in the years to come! : )



  1. It looks like so much fun! The costumes are beautiful! Although I gotta say, Bri caught my attention with that awesome hat and wig!

  2. Oh my gosh it all looks amazing!!!!! And like a lot of fun was had!

  3. Jemimah :-)14 June, 2012

    Wow, you all look AMAZING!!!!! I especially love your dress Holly, you look gorgeous in it.

  4. Oh goodness! How fun!!! I love your dress!

  5. Such a fun idea! Love the dresses!

  6. Oh Holly - everyone looks amazing! What a fun party!! I love your dress-- Bria's Mum must be an amazing seamstress! You all look so fabulous. Thanks for sharing the photos, I really enjoyed looking through them! What fun! :) xo

  7. This is awesome!! And it looks like a ton of fun!


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