Monday, June 18, 2012

the fort

My younger siblings and some friends of ours have been building this fort at our local park for many months now. Out of whatever they could find. Whether it was fallen tree branches, grass, twigs and sticks, tree trunks or leaves, they used it to make a 'fort' that they can have their club meetings in. This morning, we spontaneously all went to the park for a picnic and to 'officially' show off their completed fort (i think...they still keep adding to it!) to their father and I! I was asked to bring along a camera and take photos for them.

The simple, every day moments in life are the best. Siblings and younger friends can just be so much fun to be around sometimes...I enjoyed myself so much.



  1. You're right - most times the simplest moments are the best!!!


  2. Jemimah :-)19 June, 2012

    That fort is SO cool! When I was younger me and my family used to live in NSW, not far out of Canberra, we lived right next to a big set of pine trees, with a wide path between them that was like a huge hallway. We would spend hours in the summertime in there and build forts out of branches like the one in your post. They are so much fun to build. Great photos too Holly. And I'm getting my blog on Thursday, which also happens to be my 14th, so you should get an invitation sometime this week.

  3. It's normal that as a 16 year old I have a burning desire to build a fort this cool, right? ;-) And I completely agree, the simple moments in life are the best.


  4. i want a fortttttt!!!!!!!!! but it would have to be made out of cactus... definitely not as cool. or safe. shoot!

  5. SWEEEEEEET!!!! that's so cool!!! :D

  6. This is awesome! AH! So fun!

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  8. Hi Holly, I'm following!


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