Friday, March 9, 2012

j'aime mes cales!

And if you don't know what that means, go look it up!

I'm really liking these wedges. A lot. And when I found an outfit to go with it, I jumped at the opportunity of sharing it with you all.
For most of the shoot that my sister and I had fun doing, I acted really silly and tried imitating fashion models unsuccessfully!
It was quite funny and I kept feeling too tall, (!) grown up and completely at loss as how to pose while Eloise snapped away.
Oh well, it was still enjoyable : )

I'm so silly sometimes : )
And because I couldn't resist blowing a kiss to you wonderful followers! XO
dress & belt: Valley Girl // wedges: Kmart // sunglasses: Cotton On // purse: Strandbags // 

What are your thoughts on the outfit?


p.s. i don't normally wear an outfit like the above. i just dressed up for fun. really, don't think i dress this fashionable or so dressy a lot.


  1. That outfit is ADORABLE Holly!!!! I love those wedges!!!!

  2. Gooooooorgeous!!!! :):) Love it!! :)


  3. I love your shoes!
    The dress is cute too! :)

  4. Jemimah :-)10 March, 2012

    Cute outfit Holly. What's the translation for your post title?
    I tried my computer's inbuilt translater, and all I got was 'I like my holds' in French.
    Is that right? If not, what is it? (I despair of the computer sometimes!)

    1. Danke Jemimah! It should mean 'I like these wedges' but I just used a translator as well, so it could mean several different things...whoops : P
      Yes, sometimes I despair of the computer too. (actually make that a lot more than sometimes!)

  5. You are too pretty, girl! Maddie, Natalia's little sister, was telling me about when she asked you a bunch of questions over skype. She talks about you like your the coolest thing on earth. :) Great post, lovlie!

    1. Thank you Hope! How nice of you to say so...
      Oh, did Maddie tell you about that? Oh, she's so sweet. I'm really not that cool, but I guess she's really interested in some one who lives in a different country : )

  6. Cute! I'm quite liking your dress!

    So you live in Queensland! I live on the other side of the other side of the country *coughcough* the better side *coughcough* Been to Queensland, but am dying to come to Towomba for Eatsterfest... (I think it's held in Toowoomba. I'm really sorry I think I spelt that town's name wrong twice... =.=)

    Keep on keeping on,

    1. You live in Western Australia? Perth's a cool city. I've been there : )
      YES, you should come to Easterfest. It's the best. I went last year and am hoping to go again this year. And you spelt 'Toowoomba' correct the second time : D

  7. You're so gorgeous Holly!!<3 Love the outfit. A LOT. :D


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