Wednesday, March 7, 2012

things that make me happy

- Finding a five dollar pair of wedges at the shops!

oh yes. i'm very happy.

- Seeing my cousin Jemma on the weekend.

- Learning to play Moonlight Sonata.

- My little sister Sophie who is so cute when she's having her afternoon nap!

- Being able to do this.

yes, i thank god every day for this blessing he's given to us!

- Finishing knitting my scarf. *victory dance*

After four months of knitting I'm pleased to say to every one that I can now wear it, rather than knitting it. I'm looking forward to wearing it this autumn and winter!

- Entering into Jessica's March giveaway, To Catch Your Dreams over at Diary of a Beautiful Soul.

catching stars
why not go and enter yourself and make you and jessica both happy : )

- Entering another giveaway (ha!) over at my good friend Briahna's blog, Diamonds and Pearls!

A gorgeous print photographed by the girl herself!

Love this neckalce. ♥
There are ten other prizes to be won, so go and enter this fifty follower giveaway! You'll be sure to make yourself very happy by doing so : )

What things have made you happy in the last couple days?



  1. Hey Holly!!!! :) :)

    Thanks for entering/posting about my giveaway! ;)

    It's so exciting to have 51 followers!! :D

    These pics are gorgeous. :) Love those wedges! 8)

    Love ya, c u tomoz. :) Have you been practising? I haven't really...:/ :/

    ~Bri xoxoxoxoxo

    1. You are welcome, Bri! I really hope to win something. Yes, it's really something for you to reach fifty plus followers! I sincerely congratulate you, my friend : )
      I'm glad you like the photos. Yes, I was awfully pleased about the wedges, as you might be able to tell!
      Love you too, sweetie. No, I haven't been really practising (so busy!) but I'm off to do some right now : )
      Holly xoxoxoxo

  2. I LO♥E your shoes! The are sooo pretty! Congrats on finishing your scarf and learning Moonlight Sonata. Sophie is so cute. I entered into Bri's giveaway and there are some pretty good prizes peoples!


  3. I love those shoes, their gorgeous.


  4. lovely shots! thanks for spreading the word ;)


    1. thanks jess! you are most welcome : )

  5. Hi, Holly!
    I LOVE your shoes! I am taking piano lessons and i think i have that song or a song that sounds like it!
    Oh and thank you for replying to my questions!

    Maddie L.

  6. Ha! I'm learning Moonlight Sonata too! A very pretty song. Agree?

    I love those shoes.

  7. Jemimah :-)08 March, 2012

    I love those wedges, they are so cool!
    Are you learning piano? I am, and I would LOVE to learn the Moonlight Sonata, it's a beautiful piece!

    1. Yes, I've been learning piano for five years I think. It's on of the things I enjoy doing the most! It is a beautiful piece : )


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