Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a ramble

making dinner. i ♥ cutting up vegetables.

the boys put their 'creations' from art class in our homeschooling co-op up on the wall.

so sweet : )

one of the boys many garden courses.

eloise looking at the flowers.

Enjoyed this post.
And the photography on this post blows me away. Seriously people. Go now and enjoy her amazing talent God has given her!
And I'd enter this giveaway if I were you. Not long until it ends : )
This post is sooooo true and we all need to read it.
And it would be good if you could pray for this girl. She really needs it.

And...that's all for now.

Love you all, be good and send me an email!! (if you feel inclined to!)

Holly xo

p.s. i apologise for such a random-all-around-the-place-rambly post! i've been too busy at the moment to make up something proper...hopefully i'll have more time later on : )


  1. Jemimah :-)13 March, 2012

    I'm praying for Olivia.

  2. I love photo with the flowers! So pretty! I looked through the links and was so surprised to find my post! You are so sweet!

    1. don't mention it.
      seriously. that post?
      i was speechless : )

  3. Those photos were just so lovely!! :) And I know, I've been praying for Olivia for a while now. She's such a passionate, sweet, cool girl... she just desperately needs Christ, just like we all do!


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