Sunday, February 12, 2012

a royal occasion

Yesterday I attended my close friend, Sarah's 13th birthday party. But it wasn't just any birthday party. The theme was princesses. Not like a little girl's princess party. A grown up version, complete with princess ball gowns!
It was a wonderful party with so many memories made. I took the camera (obviously) and went absolutely crazy with it, taking way too many photos! I couldn't help it. It was like a wedding with so many gorgeous things and people to snap at...

~The formal photos before the party started~

the birthday girl

me : )

annie and i

sarah and i

shiloh and i
all the girls (minus Makenzie who was still at school)
from left to right: Johannah, Naomi, Lara, Imogen, Sarah, Elizabeth, Me, Annie, Shiloh, Petra & Irene.

~Photos throughout the afternoon, as we went to different 'palaces' for eating, talking, learning about famous princesses and doing a quiz on the birthday girl~

this beautiful princess, who i had the pleasure of sitting next to!

petra and ginny

: )
at the next 'palace' doing the quiz on sarah.

some of the decorations hanging from the ceiling

imogen and her beautiful gown

at the last 'palace' waiting out the front to be escorted into the big room
petra and i in our pink dresses!

~Photos from the evening of singing and dancing at the karaoke party (that finished the party off), eating and having lots of fun~

some of the older brothers dressed up as waiters and sang the beatles happy birthday song to sarah as we came into the room. it was so helarious!
and then all us princesses kicked off our shoes and got the front and sang and danced!
us five girls sang baby, baby (as a BIG joke!) and our audience pretended to be justin bieber fans...crazy us!
sarah and i sang a duet : )
then all the girls danced and sang y.m.c.a (minus me because i didn't know it- oh well, i snapped instead!)

and then we enjoyed restaurant quality desserts served by the 'waiters'!

princes sarah's presents
all her presents

more dancing!

imogen had fun : )
every one with the popular waiters : )

A beautiful, wonderful party and many memories made. Thanks for letting me help celebrate your thirteen years, Sarah! It was truly amazing : )



  1. Wonderfully captured Holly! Very thankful for you and Lara taking such great photos, so the rest of us can enjoy looking back on all the wonderful memories. <3

    1. Thank you so much Petra for your lovely comment : ) You are so'll be great in a years time to look back at this post and remember all the memories : )

  2. Beautiful Holly! It sounded like so much fun. :) You all looked lovely. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this. Such a neat idea to have a princess party for the older girls, too! And I was surprised at the karaoke songs -- Justin Bieber is SOOO big over here... although I don't know why he is, and we know the YMCA :)
    The "waiters" cracked me up! Oh, and you (and all the other girls) look stunning in these pictures <3
    PS -- sorry, this is a very strange, run on comment :)

  4. Wow, love the photos Holly. Everyone looks so pretty! Is the dress you wore the one you wore when you were a bridesmaid at your friends wedding? I thought I'd seen it before somewhere.

    Ha ha, you've gotta love the waiters, they're great.

    Justin Bieber's pretty big here in Tassie too. Though the interesting thing is that all his fans down here seem to be...teenage girls, for some reason or other. (Now I could never imagine why that is!) :-)


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