Tuesday, February 14, 2012

at night time

After the party (please read this post if you haven't already) when most people had left, and some Mums were still talking, I snapped photos of Sarah, Shiloh and Johannah in their formal dresses around their land and in the end, it turned into a mini night photo shoot! I had never done a shoot in the dark before, or with formally dressed girls, but it was quite fun over all! Sarah had two horses in their paddock and I must say the addition of such lovely animals was amazing. (even if they didn't like the flash!)

Love this photo of Sarah.

Shiloh was a natural model for taking photos of. She knew exactly what to do.

And it helped that she was drop dead gorgeous too!

I had a little trouble with the darkness in the photos, the horses kept running away from the flash and the camera wasn't snapping very well because of the lighting, but a good effort I think for my first go. I learnt things to do and not to do and I'll remember them for next time.
Also a big thank you to the girls for being patient, fun to snap and looking just plain pretty!
Tell me, what did you think?

And I also went ahead and entered Lucia's photo challenge with one of my favourites from this shoot!

I think this shows just about as much love as you can get from a girl to her pet! I happen to know for a fact that Sarah loves her horse to pieces!

So go ahead and link up to lucia, etc. photo challenge // black and white love. It's lots of fun.

Love Moi xoxo

p.s. happy valentine's day! ♥ we don't celebrate it much here and do the whole love nonsense thing, but i'm curious about you all...do you celebrate?

p.p.s. i received a valentine in the letter box this morning...still convinced it's one of my sisters doing : )


  1. okayy soo... uhh I LOVE!!!!!!!!<3

  2. Beautiful photo's!!! Is the horse part Arabian? I just thought it looked like it was an arabian or at lead part.


    1. thanks lauren. i've no idea what type of breed the horses are, but i've asked sarah and she'll probably reply soon and i can tell you at co-op tomorrow, k?

  3. Thank you for the visit to my blog, and your lovely note! Those girls are all so lovely, and you did a great job in that lighting. I love the shot of the girl with the horse - I can tell she really loves her pet ;)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

    1. You're most welcome, Jessica. I'm so glad I'm following it now so I can keep up with your posts : )
      I'm glad you don't think the lighting is too bad...I wasn't sure. These cameras can be pretty fiddly at night time!

  4. Wow, that looks like such a fun photoshoot! I love the idea of doing it at night, though, I can imagine how difficult it would be because of flash and all. Great job! :)

  5. Wow! This is really beautiful :)

    Greetings from Vienna


  6. What a great shot! :) Love it!

  7. Those dresses are amazing! beautiful!


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