Thursday, February 9, 2012

hot and spicy

Paprika Chicken Curry

Curry paste
Ingredients: Onions, garlic, chili, celery, ginger, star anise, peppercorns, garam masala, paprika powder, curry powder, tomatoes and vegetable oil. (with this curry paste recipe, there's no set amounts as it all depends on how strong you want the flavour to be. just be yourself and use however much you want, tasting along the way.)
Method: Chop onions, garlic, chilli, celery and ginger and cook slowly in a little oil, along with the star anise and peppercorns. When golden brown, add the tomato and spices and cook until tomatoes are soft. Blend till smooth and then pass through a fine strainer. Store in an air tight container covered with a little oil in the fridge.

Brown enough diced chicken for your family in a pan with oil. Then add as much potatoes and sweet potatoes diced to the chicken mixture. Cook everything together until cooked through. Add as much curry paste as you want to the pan, mixing everything through. Let it simmer for awhile. Then add a can of coconut cream and cook for fifteen minutes on low temperature, stirring every so often. Serve immediately with steamed rice and poppadoms.

I made a curry yesterday for dinner. It was quite delicious and I even used home made curry paste that I saved from a previous cooking class, so I'm quite proud of myself actually. Feel free to make it. I know the instructions are not that detailed, but that's ok. This is just a curry where you add as much of this or that as you want.
Be yourself and enjoy cooking.
That's what I did!


  1. Thanks for putting that on, Holly! It certainly looks really yummy! I've never made a curry before, but this one looks nice and simple and easy.

  2. Mmm. That looks delicious! Thanks for the hug at co-op! :)

    1. Thanks, Bri! You are most welcome! I was glad to give it, friend : )

  3. Looks Delicious! I love spicy curry s...i'll have to try that some time.
    I had fun at co op...say happy Birthday for me to Elsie when you see her at her party today!


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