Friday, February 17, 2012

oh the joy

of being alive...

Yes that's me...

Being alive is great.


ok, so i'm sorry about this extremely random, short and *any other good describing words for me here* post! this is the kind of thing you'll see from me when i haven't taken any photos, don't have anything to write about etc.
but hey, that's me. i'm glad you know what i'm like most of the time before you topple off your seat after reading this : )

p.s. pleasepleaseplease read this wedding post? thank you.


  1. I L-O-V-E your dress, Holly. Where'd you get it?
    I read that wedding post, they make SUCH a cute couple! (Agree?)

    1. Thank you Jemimah! I bought it from Valley Girl (love that shop)!
      Yes, they are such a cute couple. I also really like the bridesmaid's dresses : )

    2. I've never been inside a Valley Girl shop before, but I love their clothing!
      Yes, the bridesmaid's dresses are SWEET.

  2. That's not a crazy photo of you! (Wait till you see mine!)
    I know what you mean with not knowing what to post about!

    Had fun at Co op last Thursday.


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