Friday, February 3, 2012

a new beginning

Yesterday I, along with my five siblings and Mum, walked into a new building to start a new chapter in our lives.

For the last eight years of our life, all of us have been heavily involved in a home schooling co-op in Brisbane. Our closest friends were at this co-op. All our fun, extra curricular activities came from the interesting classes/experiences we shared together.

A few months ago, Mum decided to start up a new home schooling co-op right here in Toowoomba. She asked around, found nine families who were interested in joining, hired a building and held meetings for all the mothers so they could work out what to teach in the classes. And yesterday marked the day for our first new co-op.

It was a strange feeling, going to a new building, meeting new people (as well as good friends) and having classes with different mothers. Something so new to what I had been used to. My mind often wondered throughout the day to the old co-op going on in Brisbane at the same time and I could just imagine what was going on at that very moment.

It will be a interesting experience this year at new co-op. There will be laughter, enjoyment, some tears and so many things that we will all learn. It'll take a bit of getting used to.

It will be hard not seeing my Brisbane friends once a week and I'll miss the old building too much, but we will still visit the co-op sometimes, catch up with our old friends and go to the annual co-op camp.

But for now, that chapter in our lives is closed.
I'm ready for it.
For a new beginning.


  1. Pretty photos! I loved co op yesterday...and can't wait till next week

  2. Aw, I know how tough change can be from moving so often, but you do adjust. Hope you get used to it and most importantly, that you're having fun! :)

  3. Lovely photos! I was home schooled all the way through and changed co-ops several times! I hope this new one goes really well!

  4. Praying that this will be a wonderful new beginning, friend! {Even if it is kind of bittersweet.}

    <3 Moriah

    1. Thank you Moriah. I'll really appreciate your prayers for me!
      Yes, I hope it's a wonderful beginning too : )

  5. It must be so exciting starting this new chapter of your lives! I bet it will be so much fun. I wish we had things like that around here! I'm sure you'll all enjoy it very much. :)
    By the way, thanks for the comments on my blog! To answer your questions, yes, I did receive your beautiful letter. Thank you SO much! I LOVED it (that is a huge understatement) and I can't wait to reply, I just have a couple of other letters to reply to first. And yes, my blog is still private. :( I'd really like to make it public but my Mum prefers it not to be. Hopefully some time in the future though I'll be able to make it public! Do you think I should?
    Your blog is SO lovely, Holly, you're doing a beautiful job with it!
    God Bless, Alice xo (Sorry for the long comment! I'm planning on sending you an email next week.)

    1. Yes, it is kind of!
      That's alright. I'm glad you received my letter and I hope I didn't sound pushy or anything about you to answer it. I know that you have a lot of pen-pals so keeping up with them all could be hard at times, so I do apologise if I pushed you a bit. It was totally unintentional : )
      Your blog's still private...? Ok, yes I think you should get it public when you're allowed to.
      Have a lovely Sunday!


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