Sunday, February 5, 2012

hey giveaways

So there seems to be an awful lot of giveaways going on lately...but that's ok because that means lots of chances to try and win something amazing!

*First up there's a 50 Follower Giveaway going on over at Little Blue Eyes with some adorable little things to win. Here's just one example.

*Then there's a chance to enter and win a $20 Amazon gift card over at magnificent obsession!
That's pretty exciting...

Moving on!

* Another 100 follower giveaway over at Tease Your Toes with HEAPS of prizes on offer! One of the prizes I'm desperate to win...

Oh my goodness! See what I mean...go do yourself a favour and enter this giveaway!

* And this morning I won something from Cookie Cutter's giveaway! I just had to show you all : )

Hand Crocheted Necklace. Mini Granny Square Jewelry - Mint Green and Aqua Square. By Susannahbean on Etsy.
I'm so excited!

So yeah, have fun and enter these wonderful giveaways!
There's also an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. giveaway over at the {Official} Blog of Elisha with five beautiful necklaces on offer for U.S. residents only (sob), so if you're from America go and enter now! I'm so jealous of all the prizes but I know you'll have fun entering, so go and do that : ) I just thought I'd help Elisha out (the lovely girl!) with spreading her giveaway around...

Oh and I bought a beautiful tiara yesterday for an upcoming dress-up (so excited, sarah!) party and I love it.

Yes, it's really pretty! I love it : )

That's all for now lovelies! Have a nice remainder of your weekend!


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  1. I LOVE the cookie earrings, they are sweet as! And your tiara is BEAUTIFUL. i hope you have fun at the party.


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