Friday, January 27, 2012

your faithful blogger, holly xo

So I'm back. And terribly sorry for leaving so abruptly and not telling you dear people about anything that's been going on lately. I do apologise. Let me fill you in.
In early January (8th) we had home schooling friends staying with us for a week because some of the boys from our co-op are part of a film school that had decided to film a movie in Toowoomba. It was interesting having so many people in the house, but also lots of fun spending time with my friend Shiloh and her lovely mother, Mrs. Simard, and hearing all about what the boys were doing on the film set. Any way, after they had been with us for just over a week, we went to the Sunshine Coast for a conference for Dad's work (Campus Crusade for Christ) that was five days long, plus we stayed down three extra days after the conference for a mini holiday by ourselves. On the way home, India and I were dropped off at our friend's house for a couple of days (we made a movie. ha. more on that later.) and we only came back two days ago...
So I have quite a few photos to show you all from the last couple of weeks, but for now this is just an assortment of photos that I took while we were on an outing to the Chocolate Cottage with Mrs. Simard and Shiloh a couple weeks back. Enjoy : )

I enjoyed playing around with the camera, Eloise's sunglasses and India for the background!

Sophie loved her chocolate.

Want a pear? Sophie discovered them and asked me to take pictures of her with them.

Micah climbed a tree.
Eloise, Shiloh and I enjoyed our milkshakes.
Mum and Mrs. Simard.
And here's some black & white goodness for you all.

We had lots of fun together. There will be more photos coming soon from the past week or so...

Your faithful (ha) blogger,
Holly xo

p.s. please give a big round of applause for my four lovely guest posters who helped Roses and Bluebells out so much! thank you girls for your posts : )


  1. I ove the b&w photo of shiloh can i have a copy- Catherine

    1. Hey, I'm glad you like the b&w edit, but I don't know whether I can give you a copy of the photo...

  2. we missed youuu!! I love those pictures!!!(:

  3. Sometimes I don't post for ages either, but I've never done guest posting on my blog or on anyone elses before. Hope you having a good time and I really enjoyed the guest posts while you were gone!
    Annie-Jo xo
    PS. And by the way, Holly, this is just a question : why do people guest post anyway and so on?

    1. Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed the guest posts. The reason why people guest post is to get their blog around sort of, and for the person who is having guest posters on her blog, it's because it's a way to make the blog still interesting with posts, but she doesn't actually have to do any while away...hope that sort of makes sense, sorry I'm not very good at explaining : )

  4. glad your back Holly! Can't wait to see the pictures of the holiday.
    see you on thursday. :)

  5. Hey Holly!!!

    So glad you're back!!! :):)

    These photo's are amazing! Did you get my email?

    Only 3 days till we see each other!!


    p.s. have you had any thoughts about having another giveaway? maybe for 80 followers or something? I would totally sponsor you! :) Luv ya! 8-)

    1. Thanks Bri! I'm glad you like the photos! I amaze myself sometimes with the some photos I seem to take...I'm really starting to enjoy photography a whole lot more.
      Yes, I did receive your email and have replied.
      I have had some thoughts on a giveaway, though not anytime soon. Probably sometime this year, if I make it to 100 (seems impossible!) followers, but we'll see.
      See you on Thursday!
      Mimi xo

  6. ok great! see you thursday!


  7. love the photo's they are so cool. I like the one with just the tree so pretty :)


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