Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Importance of the Perfect Card: Inside and Out {guest post by annie}

Cardmaking. It's not just the act of sticking paper on paper and scrawling an inscription on the front. I believe cardmaking to be an art, a way of producing works made with skill and imagination. 
Whether it be some tacky bit of dollar store junk from the aunty who's never seen and only ever whispered about, or a handmade treasure from someone you love, everyone enjoys opening a card and seeing the message inside or the ten dollar note fall out. That's why I think it is important to make the outside just as special as the inside.

 Now this, if I may say so myself, is an awesome card. It has depth, creativity, and a LOT of colour. It would be perfect for the fun, enthusiastic type of girl, but probably not for the guy. However, turn the pinks into orange or red and the purples to green or blue and voila!
  The card took me about an hour to finish, and around 20% of that was taken up on this part alone, the spiky circle, as I can but lamely put it. But try imagining this card without the spiky edged circle and instead with a smooth edge. It takes away from the card significantly, as it loses the spice. Some things are definitely worth the time and effort.
So there you have it. Remember, however cliched this may sound, the important thing about cardmaking is to have fun! Not every card you make is going to be super impressive, but I guarantee it will be an experience, a lesson and a pleasure.

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Hello! My name is Anwyn, but please, call me Annie.
I am a lover of cardmaking, mochas, sunny days, surfing,
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  1. I love the card Annie. It certainly is a master piece as are all the other cards you make! :)

  2. Wow! That is SO amazing, Annie! You never seise to amaze me. ;) Thanks for those tips. :)

    Card making is such an art and so much fun.

    Awesome post!


  3. You have amazing talent, girl!
    I don't think you can fully appreciate that card unless you see it in real life! I was amazed at the intricatcy and hard work on this amazing card that I was able to see while holding it at your should definitely make more copies of this card and sell i on your oniline shop...btw, how's it coming along?
    Thank you so much for guest posting for me, Annie! I really appreciate it : )
    Holly xoxo


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