Monday, November 14, 2011

the official photos

Remember this post? If you haven't read the wedding please go and read it now.

Remember how I said that I didn't have the official photos? Well, now I do have some of the photos the photographer took. Yay!
So if you're interested in looking at them, you know being a wedding fanatic like me, then go ahead. I've edited some of them, but they're all the professional man's photography : )

 At the house before going to the church...

At Christlife Presbyterian Church for the wedding ceremony...

At their friend's mansion for wedding photos...

At Queen's Park for more wedding photos...

At the wedding reception aftewards...

These photos make me smile. I had fun being a junior bridesmaid. Genevieve looked beautiful and Peter very happy. Every one else looked like they were enjoying themselves. I ♥ weddings.
Hope you enjoyed the official photos : )



  1. It looks like it was lovely wedding. Love the picture of them both playing chess. Awesome!


  2. How beautiful! I just looked at the first post... it seems like it was TONS of fun. And Holly, you looked absolutely stunning in your dress. I'm so glad it went well :)


  3. Lovely! Thanks for posting more photo's. Even though I didn't go to the reception, I feel like I know all about it now! ;)

    ~Bri {Diamonds and Pearls}

  4. p.s. Congrats on getting 60 followers!


  5. @ Bri: That's alright. I had you especially in mind when I posted these photos : )
    And thank you. Yes, it's excting having sixt followers. Nothing major, but every follower is precious ♥

  6. They are beautiful photos! You look so pretty in your dress!


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