Saturday, October 15, 2011

the wedding

I love weddings. Seriously, totally and in all ways love them!
Last Sunday my friend Genevieve, got married. And she had asked me to be her junior bridesmaid. The wedding was beautiful. The wedding photos lovely! And the reception incredibly amazing and insanely fun. And with a day like that, you can't help but take many some memories on a camera.

saturday night, we all did each other's nails

sunday morning, getting our hair done

relaxing while waiting for out turn. notice my hair up in rollers?!

and then make-up next.
the bride's make-up complete!

and the big mess after we finished!

gen getting her hair done
some of the bridesmaid's flowers

and gen's bouquet

the gorgeous wedding dress!

and the tiara

and her wedding shoes! like them? it took my awhile to get used to them, but once i did, i loved them and thought it was so like her to wear shoe like that : P

all of the bridesmaid's shoes.

gen's hair complete!

my outfit
 formal dress: A touch of Romance // pearl earrings: from Gen // pearl bracelet: from Gen // high-heels (pictured in the photo of the bridesmaid's shoes on the far right): Spend Less Shoes //

Sophie, my younger sister was a flower girl for the occasion. she looked gorgeous! oh gen, you need to get your dress on now!
down the isle.. i look a bit nervous!

poor sophie didn't exactly want to go down : (

and the beautiful bride and her father make their entrance!
all the bridesmaids... from left to right: myself, kaylee, kara, sarah & ruth (the maid of honour).

the signing of the register

the stubborn girl refused to go up!
the bridal party (minus the flower girls and the page girl) just after the ceremony. there was soooooooo many cameras flashing and clicking away! it was weird!

missy loved having her own drink bottle and refused to out it down at all! and she had to have her playschool book for the car

in one of the five wedding cars about to head off for the wedding photos.

And sadly I don't have any of the official photos from the wedding shoot : ( We went to their friend's house which was basically a mansion and we had photos on the staircase! But Dad did take some lovely ones of Sophie at Queen's Park while we were having ours done.

love, love, love this photo.

what kind of pose is that, sophie?
having dinner at the bridal table at the reception
isn't it beautiful and so elegant?!

this beautiful couple are an excellent pair. both are very happy people and love to laugh (especially genevieve)!
and then the dancing! dad and i having fun...

cassie and mr. bryan look like they're having fun : )

don't you just love wedding dresses?!

ruth & genevieve-~maid of honour & bride~best friends

Myself, Mum and India

And that was the wedding.
Congratulations if you got through all those photos and my ramblings!
I know that was an insane amount to post, but there was so many lovely memories that I wanted you to all see, so what more could I do?

Do you like weddings? What's your favourite part?



  1. Thank you, thank you for posting those photos! I looove to see any photos of weddings. You are all so beautiful, and Sophie was so sweet walking down the isle in tears!
    (I've blogged about your giveaway too!)

  2. All of them looked amazing! I love your dress. And I say the more photos the better! ;)

  3. I love weddings to!
    You look beautiful!
    What a wonderful time it looks like!
    Beth xx

  4. @ Sarah: that's alright! i had to blog about such an important day in my life! (the way I'm talking, you'd think I was the one getting married : )
    And thank you again for bloggin about my giveaway. I really appreciate it : D

  5. Oh my goodness Holly! You look amazing!!!!!

  6. Wow! Love the photo's!!! I enjoyed going that wedding and seeing you all dressed up! :) How are you feeling? I'm really ;)

    Well, hope to see you at biol!

    ~Bri xxxxxx

  7. Oh Holly you look gorgeous. All the pictures are very lovely.

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  9. @ Bri: I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding too, Ahnie!
    I'm feeling a lot better. No more sickness, and have completely recovered from our little expedition on the bus on Saturday : P
    A little tired. Had an extremely full, busy day of school (though we did not go out once) and looking forward to going and reading a good book in bed now : )
    Love ya, Sweetie.

  10. WOW!! All the dresses look fabulous! You looked very pretty in your dress, Holly. Why did you say 'Ahnie' in your comment to Bri? Just wondering! ;)

    And yes I have my blog and email back now!! Whew!

  11. @ Laura: Yay! Is your blog have the same address as before?
    And I called Bri 'Ahnie' because it's a nickname/term of endearment that her Mum called her, and I nicked on and started calling her 'Anhnie' too!

  12. It all looks like so much fun! And you looked REALLY pretty, Holly, I love your dress! And your hair.. everything is so gorgeous!
    Weddings are so much fun. xx

  13. Yes, it's the same blog address! :)

    Sorry we can't come on Sat! Hair cuts and packing....busy, busy, busy! :)


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