Friday, November 18, 2011

family memories

I ♥ the time of the year when we have our family photos. It's a time when the whole family dresses up, memories are made and much laughter is shared. Once a year we make a Christmas card. We have our family photo on the front, and individual shots of everyone on the back, so people who we don't see much can see how everyone has grown.
So this year, we went to the Japanese Gardens on Wednesday afternoon in the cool weather, and had a friend take our photos for 2011.

Sophie looked absolutely beautiful on the day. When she put her mind to it, she could actually smile and make some really gorgeous photos!


♥ this girl!
This boy is so cute!

He has such a cheeky expression on his face!

Sweet sister Eloise- happy and pretty as usual : )


Beautiful older sister India.

Little 'ol me : )

And my wonderful parents.

Then we attempted to get a good photo of all six children. Unfortunately it's extremely hard to get a good photo with six children all smiling. Sophie as usual made things difficult.

Ahhm, you get the point.

For the actually group family photo we could not get Sophie to smile.

 See what I mean?

When she actually did manage a grin, she wanted to put her hand in her mouth!
Finally after 29 photos we got a good shot for our Christmas card with every one (sophie included) smiling.

I say it looks pretty good for a family group photo with eight people all looking presentable and smiling.
What do you think?


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p.p.s. my choir is performing our annual christmas concert tomorrow night. we have a dress-rehearsal tonight as well, so please pray that all goes well and we have a fun time glorifying Jesus and spreading the good news.


  1. Loverly.
    You have a beautiful family.
    Beth xx

  2. YOUR MOTHER!!!18 November, 2011

    Great post Holly. I love the way you told a story with the photos. It was a fun afternoon wasn't it? Love Mum

  3. These are such sweet family pictures. :) Sophie is so adorable! Thank you for sharing, Holly!

  4. Love the photos! :) You have a handsome family! ^^) xx

  5. Beautiful (and funny) photos Holly! :)

    Hope to catch up soon.

  6. Cute! Sophie is so adorable!


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