Friday, October 21, 2011

giveaway continuing...

As you've probably noticed, the giveaway ending date has been changed. I didn't get as many entries as I expected, so I'm opening it an extra ten days to give a chance for even more people to enter!
So pleasepleaseplease spread the word about my fifty follower giveaway! And if you haven't entered yet, please do so.

Giveaway originally ended 20th of October (yesterday), but now is opened to the 30th of October.

Thanks so much friends. Having as many entries as I can, will make this giveaway even more special to me and will be something I'll remember...

Also before I go, can we all say a very happy belated birthday to my gorgeous sister Sophie, who turned three yesterday!

my favourite photo of this cutie at the moment. she looked absolutely beautiful at my friend's wedding a couple of weeks ago!
view more photos and info on this special day: here
Thanks darling for being such a blessing in my life and I look forward to what the future holds for us together as 10-year-apart sisters!!
♥ you Pops! (my nickname for her)

Thanks again to you all supportive people of Roses and Bluebells, as well as any new visitors who are most welcome here!
So what are you waiting for? Go enter...

: )

p.s. my beautiful friend imgoen, has just started her own youtube site, and has posted one of her latest songs she composed herself. it's a absolutely gorgeous piece and i'm hoping to learn it too!

so please, tell me what you think of it, so I can let her know.



  1. I will maybe be entering! I just don't think it's fair if I win Briony's blog design 'cause I'm her sister....what do you think?

    P.s. Pass this on to Imogen for me please:
    Wow!!! Imogen! Such a amazing piece! You have a beautiful voice and the song is beautiful also! Keep it up!! -Laura

    Okay Holly, bye!


    P.S and please say Happy b-day to sweet Sophie!

  2. wow! Holly thanks so much for uploading my piece!

  3. Oh Holly - I lovelovelove the song! Imogen has such a beautiful, amazing voice!! She's so gifted! My whole family listened to it and we were all completely amazed!! (Keep it up, Imogen!) Wow. I listened to it about 5 times in a row! Far out. She's AMAZING!!

    Happy Birthday to Sophie! She's so so cute. <3

  4. I would actually love to download that song to my mp3 player.

  5. @ Laura: You are welcome to enter the giveaway, Laura! I can just make sure you don't win Briony's prize...but if your comment does come up, a different prize will suffice. (is that the right word?)

  6. There is also a ten year age difference between my little brother and I, but I enjoy it.

    p.s. your friend has a beautiful voice, can you tell her that for me?

    it's a pleasure to meet you, you have something special here.

    xo flor

  7. Holly, that is a really nice song. I like it. From, Annie-Jo
    PS. Tell Imogen I said so! Thanks!

  8. Imogen has a a VERY gifted and beautiful voice (:
    Please tell her that for me!

    From Lauren

  9. Hey Holly Imogens song is amazing are their back in tamworth yet

  10. @ Catherine: No actually, change of plans for them. they now are not going to move to Tamworth and are staying in Brisbane permantently. (at the moment any way)

  11. Hi Holly,

    Sure you can enter! I'm not sure if you will be eligible to win all of the prizes, but I am certain a few of them will be open internationally. :] Thanks for the visit--I am so glad you will be entering!


  12. Jemimah :-)28 October, 2011

    Happy B'day Sophie!

    Holly, I have not listened to the song yet, but form what I can see from the other girls comments, I MUST! I LOVE you blog, its great!

    P.S. You looked BEAUTIFUL in your bridesmaid's dress! What fun it would have been!
    I have 5 sister's (and hoping for more!) so I will have plenty of weddings to attend to! (I know, I make lots of people jealous!)

  13. Jemimah :-)28 October, 2011

    OOH! I just listened to it, and its BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
    Imogen, your voice is absolutely beautiful! YOu have an amazing talent for singing.
    And may I ask who was playing the piano? I am a piano freak and love hearing any lovely piece.

  14. @ Jemimah: Imogen was playing and singing the song. the whole thing's by her!

  15. Jemimah :-)29 October, 2011

    WOW! She did a great job!
    (Do you think she'd be willing to sell me a copy of the music?)
    Tell her she is an amazing pianist and composer!


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