Monday, October 31, 2011

arty wedding cake

This year I've been continuing with monthly art lessons, and a couple of lessons ago, the project was making a cake. But not an edible delicacy. A cake using only craft materials. And it had to look as real and edible as a normal cake does. So I decided on a wedding cake design (obviously) and after much hard work and persevere, this is the results I got...

The basic structure is made out of foam. The 'icing' is some sort of a something that is runny when you spread it, but dries pretty quickly once left alone.

I spent ages on making some gorgeous roses out of plasticine, but while my cake was at the art workshop for a couple of months, they sort of disappeared! I was immensely a little disappointed, but the cake still looks ok without them I think : )

And I couldn't resist taking some photos of India's wedding cake as well. Her art creations are almost always the best out of every one's in our class, and I must say she did quite a good job on her cake.

The bride and groom are made out of clay and painted. She spent ages on it!

Yeah, it was one of my favourite art lessons ♥

Oh, and I found this leaf in the garden when I was packing up from the cake shoot.

What do you think?
No, I didn't paint it pink, it was just like that.
Now isn't God pretty amazing to have created that!


p.s. do you celebrate Halloween? we don't and i know it's not an Australia thing to do, but America and England tend to make a big thing of it. oh, and i did notice when i was in Tasmania at Halloween time, that it seemed to be everywhere.
do you get into the whole spirit of it or is it just not your thing?
interested, that's all.


  1. My family does not celebrate Halloween, but we do not judge those who do. The cake is Gorgeous!!! I love both of them!

  2. Thats gorgeous!! What a clever idea.
    I'm having a link-up on my blog..
    I would love it if you joined
    Beth xx

  3. Hi Holly. I love your cake (or whatever it is . . . lol). I really like the pink flowers. India's is pretty pretty as well. I like the pastel green colours. The pictures look cool and the way you put the bogonvillia (I think that's how it is spelt) flowers with the cakes it makes the photos look all the more cool! Do you have a bogonvillia in your yard? I was kinda surprised when I recongized that the flowers were in our yard too (we have a couple of bogonvillias). Well, I better stop chattering now and btw I really like your blog and it's nice to see other bloggers my age in Australia (I am a Queenslander). From, Annie-Jo xoxo
    PS. My family doesn't do Halloween; not sure why but to me it doesn't seem the kind of thing I'd like to do anyway.

  4. @ Annie-Jo: the bourganvillea (or however you spell it) is actually the neighbour's, it sticks into our nack yard.
    Oh, and I had no idea you were a Queenslander too! That's totally cool : )

  5. Hi Holly

    Love the cakes!!! They're GORGEOUS ( :

    My family don't believe in Halloween, but a few kids in our neighbourhood, knocked on our door trick-or-treating.

    From Lauren

  6. WOW Holly! They are AMAZING!
    When were you in Tasmania? (That's because I live in southern Tassie, and was just wondering if you came down to 'our little corner' of the world!)
    How long did it take you long to make the cakes? And were they hard? (I must try them one day, they are totally cool!)

  7. Hey Holly! Gourgues cake! And I really love the editing too! :)

    Halloween? Well, I personally think it's silly for any one in Austrila to celebrate it condsidering it's American (Australia seems to copy alot hey?!) And I think that the celebration in itself is a bit silly... ;) What do you think Holly?

    ~Bri {Diamonds and Pearls}

  8. @ Jemimah: We were in Tasmania in October 2009. We travelled around it a lot, and I've forgoten most of the places we visited. Lots of little towns and the major cities, Hobar, Launceston and another small city starting with S I think.
    @ Bri: I agree with what you said. Australia does tend to copy a lot of other tradtions celebrated in other countries. Enlgand is really big on Halloween too. I believe it started there, then America copied it from their native country. It is a bit silly getting dressed up into witches, ghosts etc. but I also think that it could be fun for kiddies going around trick or treating just for fun!

  9. Holly, on your travels up north did you ever go through Charters Towers? Just wondering, cos that's where I live.
    Annie-Jo xoxo
    PS. I am also homeschooled. Isn't it cool when you find other girls your age that are homeschooled, live in the same continent as you, like some of the same things, etc.?

  10. @ Annie-Jo: Are you serious? Yes, we went through there in July! Mum's sister lives there and she also spent a year oh highschool there at a boarding school. (i would tell you the name of it if i could remember!)
    But yeah, it was a nice little place. That's so funny you live there. I could've popped in : )
    And it is nice when you know other girls who are homeschooled and live in the same state in the same country! love it ♥

  11. Yes, Holly, I am SO serious. The problem is I hadn't discovered your blog in September. =) Oh well, I really like it (your blog) anyways. Your blogging reader, Annie-Jo
    PS. I have a blog too only it's inviation only.


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