Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guest posters...

We all love to guest post.
I always feel a thrill when I am asked to guest post on some one's blog. And sharing a bit about yourself on another (perhaps popular) blog apart from your own can be exciting!
And that's why I'm giving you the opportunity to be a



Yes, this blog is not that popular. I'm not the best blogger and I'm still learning more about photography, but you're my blogging friends. I know some of you would love to help me out : )
The reason for the guest posts you may be asking?
Well, we're at it again. On the 14th of September, (i believe!) I'm going away on another holiday with my family down to Canberra, the capital city of Australia, stopping off at places to do with astronomy (mainly for my brother's school). I'll be gone two and a half weeks. That's when you come in. I will need six guest posters over that period of time, who will be available to post on their specific date and with promptness. (in the past i've had people who didn't post on their day. we don't want any of that)
So if you'd like to help Roses and Bluebells out in this way then please email me. Let me know what dates you can post on, then I'll sort it out with everyone guest posting.

Thanks so much lovelies!


p.s. what a coincidence? i've just guest posted over here at one of my favourite blogs, Follow God {every day}! please go check it out and leave a comment if you will : )

p.p.s. i have all my sponsors for my upcoming giveaway! now all i need is 50 + followers. please help me out so we can get this giveaway going, (that you won't want to miss believe me : P) hopefully before I go away. if not, then i'll do it when we get back.
awesome : D

p.p.p.s. one more thing. it's my birthday in 5 days! i've been counting it down since 30 or something! i'm having an awesome party on the 10th where you have to dress up in any period before the 20th century! there will be tons of photos to show you all. can't wait : )
and it's spring! i can't believe we're out of winter for a whole 'nother year! bliss...


  1. Yup five days not including the actual b-day ;) It's so cool that we share the same birthday!!!! I'm not having a party this year. Just a family dinner.... But since next year is my 13th I'll probably have a party then.

  2. @ Faith: I know! It is cool. Hope your birthday is special and exciting. I know mine will be : )

  3. i'd love to guest post anytime! talk more tomoz!

    can't wait for the giveaway! :)

  4. Have a wonderful time in Canberra! Will you be going to Questicon?? Its really cool.
    I have emailed you!

  5. I would be able to do a guest post early on (14th/15th), but not later as we are going away as well :)

  6. I can't wait till the party! (So Excited!)

  7. @ Beth: Yes, we will be going to questacon! we've been before, and can't wait to go again : )

  8. Can't wait until your party (: I have been working on an outfit for sooo long now! Anyway enjoy Canberra!!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your birthday Holly! 13th's are ALWAYS cool birthday's! Just so you know, I am the younger sister of SARAH from ISLA CREATIONS.

  10. I just found out that our trip will be post poned, so I can guest post anytime :)

  11. I'd love to guest post. :) I'm thirteen too! How cool! :)


  12. @ Johanna: Hey, if you'd like to guest post, I need you to email me or something so I have your email address to send the dates and details. I did mention to email me in the post, so please don't take too long because it will hold the dates up and I'll have to get some one else.
    Thanks so much for offering!

  13. Alright. I will do so! :)



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