Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm here...

Yeah, I'm here.

I hadn't bothered to do a post for awhile, then I was going to prepare one on Friday. Oops, out all day at art, dance classes and church family camp 'till Sunday!
End of that.
So with the little time I had at 8:00am Friday morning, I sent an email to my dear friend Bri, in the hope that she might be able to guest post while I was away.
She is my really, really good friend. I mean, I wouldn't have asked my blogging friends in say, America to guest post with like one day max. notice! So I asked Briahna.
Funny thing was, I realised she goes to the same church as me. And that means, she would be going to church camp too!!
Hmm, so I ignored that sent an email in the hope that she'd not be going, but she was there on Saturday. (which was good cause I got to see her : ) And then I thought, oh she must've not posted after all, but she said, yes she did post on Friday, so I was like, oh good!!

But yeah, sorry about that lovelies! I guess you were probably wondering why Bri (wasn't she a dear?) was posting when it's my blog, but now you know : )
So we're all good? Awesome.

So where's the photos, you're probably wondering?
Um, well it was really rushed for packing on Friday morning, and I kind of forgot to pack my camera (oops) so, you know, there's no photos : (

But I still had a GREAT time camping. Well, actually I didn't camp. Mum, India, Sophie, Eloise and I all stayed in a cabin. Dad and the boys were actually camping. (along with the rest of the church. fussy us) But I really don't like camping that much. It's not clean or comfortable. But don't worry, I've camped many times before, so I'm not a complete wuss! We had a lot of fun, even though it was raining all Friday and Saturday and we did this obstacle course thing which involved m.u.d. and a slide going into a freezing cold dam. (in winter!) We also played lots of games (like this hilarious game called 'honey, i love you, won't you give me a smile?'), swinged on swings for ages and went crazy. (think: us girls with our hair piled on top of our heads, going around being chickens. that kind of crazy : )

It was an enjoyable and boring time away : D : P

Another thing. I currently have 3 sponsors (4 prizes) for my upcoming giveaway to celebrate 50 followers (only 5 more to go!) and I was wondering if any one else would be interested in sponsoring. I need one more. Or two. And remember, sponsoring Roses and Bluebells means advertising your blog/shop on my sidebar and entries including following your blog, having your blog button on their blog etc. So please, email me now if you'd like to help out with this little blog!

Oky doke! That's all from me for now.

Be back in a couple days... (with hopefully a new outfit to share!)

xoxo lovelies


  1. Glad you had a good time at camp!!!!

  2. Hehehehe. you make me sound like a really awesome person! (even though it wasn't much of a post!) ;) Thanks! haha.

    the camp was so fun. i can't wait till sunday when we can all talk about what we did and look at photo's!!! can you? :D

    I'm so excited about your giveaway, and that i'm going to be a sponsor! :) (eek.)

    well, ya, i better go too!

    good-bye my awesomely awesome friend!

    <3 Bri

  3. Hello Holly
    I have a blog award for you over at my blog, Living for Christ. Come check it out!


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