Friday, August 26, 2011

just fillin' in... (guest post by bri)

Hello followers of  Roses & Bluebells! Holly just sent me an email and asked whether I could post for her while she is away at our church's camp (she won't be back till sunday). The funny thing is that I'm going on the camp too, just a day later and so I'll post today.
So, as I  said before I just got her email this morning and so I haven't got anything ready, and so I'll just see what comes to mind! :P  So here goes....

I have just started to edit some of my photo's on picnik and make photo collages, change colour of the photo, and just crazy editing!!! :P I SO suggest that you you try this great FREE editing site out! :) Here's a photo' that I've edited:

This one is of my sister courtney: I put this one up on my blog fashion time. (These picture's were taken by Jessica.)

So, if you like it please go and check out picnik! :) :)

Before I go I'd like to leave you with the link of a blog that i've found so amazing:

a life just to read about...

Hahahaha, this is kinda funny: both me and Holly are going away for a camp and I end up posting on her blog!!! :P

Oh well. I have had some amazing guest posters' post on my blog and in that time have reached 30 followers!  *smiles* I'm going to have a giveaway soon the party. :P Hope you can join me over at my blog Diamonds and Pearls.

Sorry this had to be so short/ boring......i really did not have anything ready to post about.



  1. I love using picnik to edit my photos, blog headers, etc. :) Great post, Bri!

    Have a lovely time at camp...


  2. loving your blog :) happy to have fond it!

  3. thanks so much bri for guest posting!!
    church camp was so much fun wasn't it?
    love ya ♥

  4. yep it sure was!!! :P

    I had fun doing this post.


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