Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 18 & 19

A recent photo of you...

Wow! I have many recent photos! Gee, I guess I'll have to choose won't I?

One of the various photos from my first ever outfit post!

A talent of yours...

Hmm, I think I'd say the piano. I started learning to play the when I was about eight, and haven't stopped since. I really enjoy playing the piano from the beautiful white keys, to the music on the sheets waiting to be read and played! Mum has always said that I have a talent for it. I hear something, then I can pretty much play it on the piano without much practice. But I'm not very good at theory or reading music. (but I am improving!)
Thank God for the piano!!

(sorry for the interesting light in this photo! I didn't take it, but I like it any way)

What is a talent (s) of yours? Do tell!


  1. My family says that I have a talent with animals. I can always understand thir beheaviour, espesically horses. I am also very flexable, but a lot of gymnasts are. I whish I was taiented at playing the panio, but I'm not that good at it.

  2. Oh, come on! You know that! Dancing!!!!!

    Cassie xoxoxo

  3. Everybody I have played the piano for say that I am SOOO incredably tallented at it, so I guess it's true. After all, in only three years I am already ready to do a grade three exam, which usually takes most people five years to do.

    YOU are incredably tallented at blogging, Holly - you're great at it!

    Izi : )


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