Tuesday, April 19, 2011

HALT! (and semi-formal spring outfit)

Ok, you Guys aren't going to be pleased, but I've decided to to halt the 30 Day Blog Challenge!
Why? Because I feel like this isn't the right time to post about it, being close to Easter and many other things I've been wanting to post about in ages!

I do hope you Followers don't mind if I do and I'll start back at Day 17 in about a week's time!

But here's day 16.

Your favourite food...

Ahh, have you guessed? Yet again, I have many favourite foods! Here's one. (or two!)

Chicken! (i love this meat!)


And anything to do with chocolate! *guilty expression* : )


(oh my gosh, just looking at these photos! YUM!)

And now for my outfit post which I promised you all ages ago! Sorry! (we have been busy lately!)

I decided to go with a semi-formal spring outfit today. I know. I know. It's not exactly spring, but I *love* this dress and I've been planing to take photos of it for awhile, so hence the spring outfit in autumn! But I've worn it in autumn so it's ok, just more of a spring dress.
Alright, enough on that subject! Now for the photos!


I love this photo collage! India showed me how to do it on Picnik.

dress: Pumpkin Patch // cardigan: Pumpkin Patch // high heel sandals: The Shoe Warehouse // earrings: Diva // handbag: Cath Kidston (you all know about that from here!)

 Hope you enjoyed it and aren't too disappointed about halting the 30 day blog challenge for a bit!
Thanks dears : )


  1. I am sorry about the halting of the 30 day blog challenge, but you're right, Easter isn't the right time. I'd rather hear about that.

    The dress is LOVELY. You look sooo pretty ( :

  2. Nice photos!

    It is a shame you have to halt the challenge, but i agree with Lauren.

    The dress is beautiful!! :)

    Bri xoxo

  3. I don't mind at all that u stopped the 30 day blog challenge.

  4. Hi Holly! My name is Hope. I absolutely love your blog! That dress is adorable! I'm so glad I finally looked at your blog! I wil definitely follow. See ya soon!
    Hope <3

  5. Thanks Hope for following!
    Your so sweet :)

  6. I love your dress! Very pretty :) Yeah, good idea halting the blog challenge at Easter. God Bless!


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