Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 15

Someone you admire...

Ohh, this is hard! I have a few :)

My Mum & Dad

Jesus Christ (who couldn't!)

Queen Victoria
Emma Watson
Who are some people you admire??


  1. Lovely post. Emma Watson hey? Cool.

  2. one person I admire is Bethany Hamilton. She is a christian grl who lost an arm at 13 by a shark while surfing. She ended getting back into surfing (against the odds) and useing her story as a testomony for Jesus.

  3. oh and I admire any girl who coups with more then two brothers. You are AMAZING!!!

  4. Oh (sorry, I know I've already commented too many times) but I wanted to say Thank you for being my friend Holly!

  5. That's alright, Lauren! (i've commented too many times as well!) I'm glad : )

  6. I admire a few people as well! One of them is Stanley Albert Dale, a missionary from Australia who took the gospel to a group of Cannibals in Irianjia (New Guinea), and it eventually cost him his life!! We just finished listening to a 9 disc audio book about his life, it was incredible! xxx


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