Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Birthday

My birthday was on the 8th of September, last Wednesday! I had a wonderful day filled with surprises, fun and love! I turned 12.
Here are some photos of things I did on my birthday, my presents and my cards.

In the afternoon of my birrthday, I invited over two close friends to celebrate. Us girls, (my two friends, my younger sister, Eloise and I) did a Cinderella photo movie for most of the time, so that's why we're dressed up a bit! I chose a raspberry and chocolate pudding/cake and it was delicious!

My main present from Mum and Dad was a nice handbag from an expensive shop in London, England called Cath Kidston. It is really great and spacious!

I also received from Mum and Dad some clothes. A spring dress, white shirt and a fancy cardigan.
Next, Mum and Dad gave me two presents from England. A cute little box from the World of Beatrix Potter and a Mini seal thing you put on envelopes with wax. This one has got a "h" print on it for Holly from the Bronte House. (if you are wondering where these places are, look at one of my older posts for details from my England trip)

Followed by 2 novels and some lovely hair accessories!

My older sister, India, gave me a novel and my younger sister, Eloise, gave me two pairs of earrings in a gorgeous box.

My baby sister, Sophie, gave me a box of chocolates (oh my! there almost gone! where have they disappeared to?) and my younger brothers Micah and Isaac, gave me a long pink rubber and two highlighter pens.

Then I received sunglasses and its case (as well as some money I used to spend in England on my holiday) fom my grandparents from my father's side. Also a 50 dollar note from my grandparents from my mother's side! Wow! I also received 20 dollars from my step great-grandmother which I used to get my ears pierced! (in our family, you're allowed to get you ears pierced when you turn twelve.)

What could be next? My generous Aunts and their families (from Dad's side) also gave me gifts too! My Aunt in England gave me 20 pounds to spend on myself when I was over there, and I bought a lovely watch. My other Aunt also gave me 40 dollars! (which I haven't spent yet) I have generous relatives, don't I?

My friend Briahna, who came over on my birthday, gave me heaps of scrapbooking stuff! Wow! Glitter pens, a decorated notebook, lots of lovely plain and decorated paper and gold stickers! My other friend Cassie, told me her present to me was a ticket to her ballet concert in October!! I was so excited! She and me love dancing. (especially together) 

And lastly, my close friend Annie,  from Brisbane, gave me a gorgeous necklace and her mother (my special "mum" friend) gave me a ring and some strawberries and cream lip gloss!!

And then, I received an abundant of birthday cards (14 to be exact) from relatives, friends and family!

This card I like the best from Mum and Dad!

Over all, it was a great birthday which I really enjoyed!


  1. You did well didn't you! I'm glad you like my present to you. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi Holly!
    Why didn't you like MY card best wasn't it cool???????????
    Well, anyway, it was a pretty cool birthday!!!!!!
    Your younger sister,
    Eloise xxxx

  3. Hi Holly

    It seems like you had a wonderful Birthday.

  4. That does sound like you had a really fun birthday!
    Happy (late) Brthday!


  5. Thanks Alex!
    I heard you just had a birthday!
    I'm now following your blog! It's cool.

  6. Hello Holly.
    Happy late birthday. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself.

    With all that money you resived, you might be able to buy a patchwork quilt. I'll be buying one soon in the next week or so.

    They are kinda pricey but worth it. They range from $55-$320 it depends on what size you want. They come in all sorts of pattens. Just and idea.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Bri, but that's not really my thing. I'm using the money to buy books and a dress!
    What kind of design are you planning on getting? How big?
    Thanks anyway.

  8. Happy belated birthday Holly!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous day - I love all your presents, especially the gorgeous Kath Kidston bag!! (I adore Kath Kidston):D

    Enjoy the holidays!

  9. Thanks Ebee!
    I had a nice time at your house today!
    See ya.


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