Tuesday, March 29, 2011


ohmygosh you're not going to believe it...

I made it to 20 followers! I'm so excited.

Thanks so much dear Followers for all you are to me :)

In the last two days I've gained three, and that's pretty impressive for my Roses and Bluebells!

And you know what? My next target's fifty thirty! (he he)
please. please. please. tell your blogging friends about me if you think my blog's good enough! (is it?)

Where would I be without my followers?



  1. I'm thankful I asked my parents about having a google account. I am glad I am now a follower. I didn't think it made such a diffrence to you, but now I know. I'll tell my friends about your blog for you ( :

  2. Hi everybody.

    I have only recently got a google account, but I LOVE following blogs! if you have a blog that you think I might be intresrted in (click on my pic above to find out a bit about me) please let me know. Send me a message or just post a comment.

    Thanks ( :

  3. Wow! Congrats!!! 20 followers, that certainly is alot compared to my nine!! Eek!
    Bri ;)


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